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Default oldno7(boatless)

Hi guys
Just wanted to drop in for a minute to say thanks.
I bought our 1998 2800SCR in 2011.
It was one of the single best purchases I ever made.
Spent a lot of time here, posted a couple pics and basically just enjoyed the conversation.
Special thanks to Seapuppy, shrew, mmwjr,biggerseagar, etc, etc.
Never recall a question left un answered, you guys are the best.
I really was torn about selling our cruiser and listed a price I was firm on, come hell or high water.
Would of actually been pretty happy if it didn't sell.
Had plans for the Summer on the boat, then a nice guy from Colorado relieved me of those plans.

Anyway--I hear folks say the 2 best days of being a boat owner are the day you buy and the day you sell--they are full of ****.
I'm still crying about not being at the lake, right now.

So carry on, class acts here at this site.

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Old I always enjoyed hearing about your outings and seeing the great pictures you posted. So what are your plans? Doesn’t sound like you’re looking for another boat. Take care and feel free to pop in once in a while.

1997 2400 SCR
5.7 Vortec / Bravo 2

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OldNo7, I wish you the best. I agree, the only people that are happy the day a boat is sold are those that weren't using it, or simply weren't in love with it to begin with.

When we sold our last boat, my wife cried and we had already bought a bigger boat. Go figure.

I hope you continue to poke your head in from time to time. I truly wish you the best.
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Lake Powell is closed so mine sits in storage at Big Water. I went up a couple week ago and put it in a slip but when they closed the lake I returned it to storage. Most likely will not splash it again until Sept. since we don't like to go out with all the crowds and wake boats.
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Old ... good luck to you and whatever you decide for your playtime adventures!

Your pictures that u shared with us were priceless! This website is about friendship and u are a good friend to all here!

Good luck

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