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Default Newbie with question

Hi all, my name is wayne and although i'm not new to boating I did just buy my first boat. A 2002 2900 SCR that is in excellent condition. Twin 4.3 BII with 170 hours. I'll be keeping my boat at Pickwick Lake, TN. I just want to say what a great site this is. I think I've read every thread on here and have gotten some great info and ideas, so thanks to all that post and reply! The one thread that I've researched and reread is about those that have the Honda 2000 gen. I'm going to be buying one for my boat and where I have read that most strap down to back on swim platform or up on bow, I was wondering if you couldn't keep it in the engine bay with the bilge blower running to exhaust any gas and carbon monoxide fumes? I"m only asking bc down here in the south it gets hotttt and having a/c running during day on lake is almost a must and putting gen out on swim platform or up on bow will make it hard to hear conversations and radio.
Also, if the gen will only power the A/C from what I have read on here, what are suggestion for keeping the fridge going as well? Thanks in advance! I love this site and I"m sure I"m going to enjoy my new boat and will prob have questions along the voyage!

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DO NOT RUN GEN IN ENGINE ROOM!!!! Under no circumstance should you do this!!! Many many boat forums and articles on why this is very bad.........please do more research.......Jesse

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Thx for reply Jesse...looks like it will be going on the swim platform.
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the blower fan will kill the 12v battery, so then you'd need to run the battery charger.

you need the honda 3000 watt unit to run the A/C alone.

factor Generator will stink up the back of a boat, or dock when running, and it is direct vented out the side and still blows down into the cabin.

The noise and vibration will be annoying regardless.

Since I have the same boat, and no generator, I'd want it on the anchor pulpit, and only run it will all cabin window closed, down wind.

It's just not worth the chance.
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Welcome Cruiser, I hope you find this forum to be as full of helpful people and information as I have over the past few years. I must ask, have you personally seen a honda 2000 running? These are extremely quiet with little vibration. If you can get by with a 1000W, the honda 1000 is even quieter, but it will depend on your needs. I recommend visiting a local dealer and seeing one running before you get too deep into your decision process.

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welcome to the zoo....first off...putting a portable genny is definitely a bad idea...the blowers won't keep up with the exhaust and you will gas out the boat....very dangerous.....2nd it's a spark issue ...if there is any gas fumes in the engine bay and you start it's against the coast guard rules to use a portable genny in an engine bay without having it properly spark protected and a dedicated exhaust to the outside....

so...I really wouldn't do it based on those 3 alone...

your boat sounds nice ...I used to own the came with the westerbeke 3.5kva genny...more than enough to run the entire was installed on the port side shelf.....might concider doing something like that...westerbekes are noted for being EXTREMELY quiet and smooth... costs more but if your goingto use it will end up being worth it..
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Thx guys for all the responses and input!
pascavone, I was thinking the same thing about the blower killing battery. I'm looking at 2000 b/c that seems to be the most popular and what most here are running and not having any issues running a/c. of course I understand from what i've read on here it's def a give and take. if running a/c, that's all that can be powered. a/c would have to be shut off if anything else needed to be used.
Thx JP and SP for the welcome. I have found some great ideas and info in the forums so far! JP, I haven't personally seen the 2000 run, but i watched a youtube video and it does seem very quiet and from what others on here have said, it is quiet. I'm sure the 1000 is a little more quiet, but seems I read in one of threads on here it wasn't enough to run a/c and just about evryone is running the 2000.
SP I def want to stay away from the boom factor Ahhh, nice boat you had. I think my 2900 is the same boat, from what I understand they just renamed it? Well i'm looking at the portable gen just to get through rest of summer and boating seson and planned on looking at something like the westerbeke as winter project.


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