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Default New owner (first time) 1992 Maxum 1800 XR

Hi guys.

I just brought home 1992 Maxum 1800 XR with Force 120HP today. It's a project boat as it was sitting in storage for a while. I would say it's diamond in rough. Body is decent with lot of oxidation and some scratches. Interior dirty dirty dirty... good seats and all inside... Not sure about carpet.... So I will have to start with cleaning everything to shine. Hull and interior.

Anyhow engine... Force 120HP

I took off the cover and found the head is off (I found it). Quick inspection everything looks good. Well 3 cylinders good. On fourth (bottom one) I found not inside crack but some chipped off of outside part. See the picture...

So my question at the beginning... Is it ok or fixable (with sleeve) or block is gone?

Also I would appreciate any recommendations what to use for cleaning body, interior and upholstery.

Thank you!
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Welcome aboard.

Did you ask the person you bought it from why the head was off? He pulled it for a reason and left it that way for a reason.

I am not knowledgable with OBs so cannot give much advise however from the picture it's the outer wall missing so I do not think a sleeve will work but I shop can tell you. BTY it's hard to tell but the cylinders look rusty which may damage the rings in the other cylinders.

Starbrites extreme clean works well.

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I bought off the owner of the marine shop. He was selling bunch of old forgotten boats that was sitting in their storige. They don't recal what was wrong with each boat. Some of them owners abandon, insurance claims and who knows what elese. It's been open but covered for years. I was expecting project. That's what he was selling as. Price was right and boat itself is in good shape expected of dirty. Appreciate your reply and hoping for some outboard guys. I'm planning to see shop guy to show him photo. I didn't take photo of the head but by my opinion last cylinder was not firing. Hard to say if there was water leaking in or any other issues (no compression). I didn't find head gasket so it's a mistery for now.

If you'll check my Album I posted photos. Engine itself seems to be ok on other side. I haveto take pictures of the interior before and after I will do a cleaning.
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