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Default New Owner, couple questions

I recently purchased a 1993 1800sr from a guy who told me she was in great mechanical shape. Boy was that a lie. I have a couple questions and looking for some feedback.

One of the back cleats is broken. Itís a stud mount cleat. Does anyone know where I could get a match, if not Iíll replace all 4

She doesnít like to shift. Stalls a lot when shifting and clunks in reverse most times. Iím assuming itís the shift cable. I had to replace the shift cable bellow and noticed a small kink so that is pointing me in the direction. Any thoughts or feedback?

She takes on water. The bilge can take care of it quickly every few minutes but it makes me uncomfortable. I replaced the shift cable bellow because it was ripped and I assumed that was the cause. It got better but still takes on water. I would like to leave it at a dock but wonít until this is fixed obviously. I purchased an auto bilge to install as well. I have now ordered the entire bellows and seal kit. Iíll replace all of them once the tools I ordered come in- no autozone or west marine in Canada to borrow tools from. Any thoughts here on the water leak?

She leans port side when running. More so with a full tank of gas. I just ordered smart tabs tonight to hopefully fix it. From what I have read the prop may be wrong size and for some reason the sterndrive has a hydrofoil on it so I may take that off. Anyone with any other advice here?

I bought this boat to have fun with the wife and kids. Tubing and fishing are the name of the game. When she goes the kids love it and she is quick. I just want to get this thing running well for the next couple years and then move on to a newer boat.

In summary, donít buy a boat from a friend and Iím not afraid to do work, just want to make sure Iím doing the right work.

Looking forward to your feedback.

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Welcome aboard!

Your first mistake was not taking it for a test ride to check performance as well as leaks.

This is an Alpha outdrive and requires quick shifts in and out of gear. Although it sounds like the lower shift cable needs replacement and or adjustment. When you replaced the shift bellows did you install the clamp on the narrow end? Could be a leaky driveshaft bellows. Frankly it sounds like itís time to rebuild the transom assembly, buy the kit which comes with all bellows, lower shift cable, and gimbal bearing.

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Welcome aboard Wes!
You can get cleats on Amazon or at boating retailers like West Marine. There are different sizes and styles though. Be sure to put some putty in the screw holes so the new cleat mounting screws are in solid.
Where was the kink in the lower shift cable? Are you talking the metal cable itself, the jacket, or both?
Water in the bilge is a concern and you need to locate the source. Bellows replacement as Mike suggested is a good idea. You can test for leaks by putting the boat in the water and watching to see if the bilge gets water. If no water coming in just sitting then start the engine and check the bilge again. Leak could be bellows or cooling system. You may have no leak at all however, and the bilge water is from people dripping water in the boat. Make sure your bilge pump works.
You also mention a lean. Weight distribution is an art form in an 18 ft boat. Is your anchor and battery on the port side? Does the boat list to either side when sitting the water unloaded?
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Thanks guys.

No lean when sitting. The battery is on port side anchor is in the middle.

She takes on water without the engine running. Iíve ordered the bellows, seal and gimbal kit already, just waiting on it to come in.
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It's not a stud mounted cleat. IT's through bolted with a washer and locking nut. It's caulked on the inside and the caulk is most likely holding it in place. The head of the screw sheared off giving it the appearance of a stud. You'll need to access underneath to remove it.
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