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Default New Owner 97 Maxum 1900

I bought a new-to-me 97 Maxum 1900. Very nice shape for its age. Engine and compartment very clean. Need to shine up the hull but otherwise it seems to be in great shape. Have had it out a few times. Seems to run fairly well with one exception.

My question is what do I need to know to keep from screwing something up? In other words, tell me the basics of running this boat so that I don't hurt the boat/motor. Have already skinned up a prop running back in when a storm kicked up and couldn't see the little gravel bar protecting the cove where we launched. Learned that my boat was propped all wrong for where I live/run.

For example, what is the proper start-up procedure? How about basic maint before going to the water, once in before starting up? I know about the blower but what do you guys do (checklist of sorts) before going out to minimize problems? When I recover my boat, I seem to fight keeping one side of the hull from running up on the carpet-covered area of the wheel well. I bought some roller guides and hope that helps.

Any pointers to a first-time boater?
Should I unhook the battery between uses? Do any of you guys have a master switch installed? Seems to me that would be a good idea.
How difficult is it to install an extra cleat to the side of the boat? I don't have one mid-hull from which to hang a bumper.
Is it alright for me to run about 3300- 3500 rpm? My wife isn't a big fan of top speed and we deal with a lot of wind here so calm smooth waters aren't the norm. She prefers to go mid-speed to maximize the smooth ride.

Any other pointers would be great.

Thanks in advance.

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Default Re: New Owner 97 Maxum 1900

Hi Tark....first off..welcome to the zoo...second off.....might help to know where you boat desert...etc....then someone can more or less give some sort of guidance for prop selection...

as for advice....first off...never approach the docks faster than your willing to crash into it...meaning..when docking...go slow...really can always back out or abort the approach if your docking becomes upset...

..make sure when you leave the home port that before you drop the boat in the have the butt plug installed.....
third.....make sure the blower and stuff works a full up systems check before you leave home...that way when you get to the ramp...your confident that it will work when you get there.......

make sure you have everything loaded on the boat before you go to the food..drinks...pfd's aide kit..etc....
check all fluids and oils before you head out......
finally....once in the water...move the boat back away from the trailer....tie it to the dock....remove the truck and trailer asap...don't block up the ramp.....drop the drive.....have the blower going for 4 min min...lift the engine hatch and sniff for gas fumes...........start the engine....

starting methods vary depending on the type engine you carb or mpi engine....carb=pump the drive about 3 times...set the throttle to about 1/4 in neutral....start engine...pull throttle to adjust rpm to about 1200 rpm..... until the engine is warmed up........pull back ...take in all lines and push away from dock.....put in gear...have fun....

respect the no wake zones...any damage done to other boaters if you break the no wake zone is your responsibility.....

when approaching the dock...don't let people jump off...if you can't step off the boat to the dock...don't let your helper jump....people have become very injured jumping to a dock from a moving/bouncing dock or boat......

take a boating safety course....make it a family will answer tons of your questions that you haven't even thought of yet..

most people install an isolater switch between the batt's and engine or dc power breakers or some way to shut the batt's off ...they are fairly cheap...easy to install...make sure you do it right with the proper lugs and insulation.....

if your driving out there on the water..and it gets snotty....slow down...put the bow down buy moving the drive to the full down position...if you have trim tabs...put those down some...this will allow the drive to push thru the rough water.....

hope this helps....have fun and keep coming back here to show us pic's...

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