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Hey everyone, just joined up have been reading a fair few posts.

Just purchased a 2004 1800sr3 with the 135hp 4cyl in it, only thing I could really get for my price range, and got a bloody good deal with it too!!

We do a lot of wakeboarding and waterskiing along with kneeboarding, tubing etc so I'm looking at the follwing upgrades:

-Monster MTK wake tower
-Board racks etc
-Smart Tabs

Is there anything else I should be looking at for performance?

If the boat is no good over the coming summer I dont really stand to lose much money even with the upgrades, after I sell the boat but I'd really like to not have to spend a hell of a lot more!!


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I have same boat setup as you. I use a 17P prop for water sports and 19P for cruising (I usually have 5-6 passengers). Smart tabs are a good choice. Use mid-grade gas with stabilizer if you are using pump gas (ethanol blend). Experiment with motor trim, you will see a big difference in performance with the engine trimmed correctly for the situation.

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My son has a couple of 135 pounds each water bags that he likes when he wakeboards with his boat.

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Welcome Aboard rockone!!!!
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Thanks guys. We run 95 gas normally and will look into this stabilizer stuff!

And yes, as wakeboarding progresses im sure we will start to look at fat-sacs etc.

Does anyone know what standard prop (pitch/diameter) came on the 1800sr3? I know its 3 blades, but cant tell the rest by looking at it.

Im looking at a High Five right now on New Zealand's version of Ebay, with 20 pitch, doesn't say diameter (does this even change??). Would this pitch be too high for the sort of holeshot im looking for? (slalom skiing)

The Smart tabs have been ordered from Nauticus, so hoping they live up to their great reputation here!!
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Going up in pitch will increase your holeshot time (time to plane) not what you are looking for. Adding pitch and blades increases load and since you have the 135 HP it will really feel it. Yes diameter is a variable in prop designs.

Have you looked for the part number on your prop? Should be either stamped in between the blades or on the rear hub face (need to remove it to see).

BTY: stabilizer won't change performace but is important in keeping the gas from going bad. Mainly required for winter storage and boats that don't get used much where the tank of gas lasts for months.
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Hi everyone, I too just joined this group as a first time Maxum owner.

I also just bought a 2004 1800SR3 with the 3.0 Mercruiser 2 weeks ago, and so far I'm loving it. I'm new to boating and this seems like a good starter boat, not too big yet not too small.

Not sure what upgrades I'm going to need, so far we've been pulling the kids on a tube and they're having a great time. The boat doesn't seem to have any problems pulling them.
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Welcome Indy! Remember, no owner has ever complained that the boat is too big. No matter what size you get, you will always be wanting just a little bit bigger.


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