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Default New Guy Here/ no boat, YET.

Hello everyone, I'm new here & have yet to buy my 1st boat, but very soon. I'll need to start with an older one as I can not afford a new one (sure wish I could though). Anyway, I have a few questions on a boat I looked at yesterday. I have been on several other boating forums because I was looking at those types of boats-Bayliner & a few others, just trying to pick up some advice on what to look for. I'm not even sure if this boat is for sale yet, it's in a front yard of a house that is for sale & it sure looks like it's for sale to me. I called the real estate agent asking about the boat & she will pass on my information to the owner. Now, to the boat. It's a Maxum bowrider with a 50 hp Merc. O/B. It looks small to me for some reason, short & the 50 hp motor makes me think it may be a 14' or 15'. It looks to be in great shape, just needs to be cleaned up a bit. I know everyone will start telling me about hidden problems with used boats & I know going into it what I might find. I've gotten a lot of advice already. The tag near the steering wheel reads: 5 person with a weight of (I forget), & 50 HP O/B. I'm just wondering what I'm looking at hereDid this boat Co. make anything that short? I'm guessing it's mid-80's. I did not get a chance to hop up in it to check the deck yet, I didn't want to go screwing around with a boat that's not for sale. Can you all give me some pointers on used Maxum's? What I'm really looking for is a 17'/ 18' bowrider- any brand, just want to get one as soon as poss. Any information would really help out with this Maxum boat. Thanks, MAXX

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Hey , I recently purchased a 2300SC Maxum from a local brokerage . The boat was so immaculate , it did not take long to fall in love with it . After i took ownership of the boat I found out the gimbal bearing was bad and the dealership or the owner would not make good on it . Stuck ? Yes , but you know what , at the price I got it for , $ 13,500 which was under blue book for this model , I won't complain . Expect the worst , hope for the best right ? If it's within your budget and you like to tinker with boats , who cares if a few things come up . I bought this boat with a 2 year plan . If we like it , sell it and buy something bigger . You can always move up ! As summer approaches , I find myself getting more excited about boating , even after the few repairs . Good luck with your hunt for your new boat !

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Ya, I got the boat bug big time for sure. I've been bidding on fixer-uppers for about a month or so on ebay. I always seem to get out bid, but that's OK I'll get one sooner or later. One guy,(seller) emailed me a few day's after the auction was over & said the winner of the auction didn't show & if I wanted it I could still have it. I got cold feet at the last sec. & backed out of it. It needed just a little too much work & I had a buddy that went to look at it for me & he said it was a pretty good deal if you have a good O/B to slap on it. He was real "iffy" about the motor being fixable. I started to price motors & had some serious sticker shock for even used motors. Anyway, the hunt will continue. I'm just wondering what size boat this Maxum I'm looking at could be. I did not have a tape measure with me, but if it is for sale I'll make sure of the size. What I'm thinking is a boat with a 50 HP max tag on the boat must be no bigger than a 14' or 15' at the most. If anyone out there knows what I'm looking at please let me know, thanks, Maxx
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Don't know what the boat is MAXX, but with only 50HP it's sure to be short and what it can do will be limited.

What do you plan to do with the boat and where do you plan to do your boating?

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I'm just wondering what size boat this Maxum I'm looking at could be.
It is a 1989 or 1990 1600XR. These are the smallest boats ever produced by Maxum. They are 16 feet with a 5'10" beam and were listed as weighing 975Lbs. They were powered by a 50hp Force motor.

Here is a picture of one:
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Here is what I would be asking myself if I were buying a boat:

1) What do I plan on doing with the boat?

-> Fishing, Skiiing, swimming, crusing overnight, etc? NOw put them order of priority. Fishing boats tend to make poor crusiers. Cruisers tend to make poor skiing and fishing boats.

2) Where do you plan on boating?

-> The boat pictured above is probably not the best boat for the ocean. A 34ft. flybridge is probably not great for a small freshwater lake.

3) Whom do I plan on boating with?

-> Is the list of things that I plan on doing with teh boat match the other people involved? Most wives don't want to fish. Most Kids wnat to ski, tube, and swim. Is everyone's interests being accounted for?

4) How much money am I willing to spend.
-> Not just for the boat, for storage, maintenance, fuel, repairs. I gurantee you however much you think you need to budget, it won't e enough. The monthly cost of a boat is higher than anyone anticipates. Those of us who love it enough, simply stop looking or caring.

A Boat is an excercise in compromise. When I started looking for my first boat I wanted a 22-24ft walkaround for fishing. I ended up with an express cruiser because that is the compromise I made to get my wife to join me every weekend. I've neverf regretted it.
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hai maxx...

the boat on the picture you showed was the first maxum i bought new a lot of years ago.....let me tell you that i only had it for one month and then i traded it in for an inboard 19 ft...this boat is indeed small and little, less space for a day on the water with lets say 4 people, to me it was nice for a one hour trip and thats it..... the force outboard makes a lot of noise, so it is hard to talk with eachother.....if i were you i would invest my money in a 18 or 19 ft with an inboard motor...if you are using the boat for half a day ore day trips...

greatz, ed
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and maxx,

indeed ask youself what you want to do with the boat as shrew already told you....and yes dont forget to involve your wife into it, she has got to be happy on the ship if she wants to have a little kitchen a a boat with it etc etc....

greatz again, ed

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