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Lightbulb Maxum Prices

Hello everyone I'm Javier and some what new to boating. I just bought a 2005 Maxum 1800MX for 9K which has only 100 hours. I am concerned that now, after buying it, noticed that pricing in NADA is a lot less 6K. My question to you all is: Why are these boats so much cheaper than the Sea Ray or Bayliner? From what I understand this boat is in the middle range of both in quality. Could it be that this boat is no longer in production for newer boats? Did I make a good buy? I was about to buy a 2004 Sea Ray for 11,500 and when I seen both boats, I did not see too much difference in the quality. What do you all think?
Thank you for your guidance in advanced.

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wlcome to the zoo javier.....well...personally I think you got a very nice boat for the's kinda hard to nail down why the owner asked the price he did for such a low hr boat....but right now it's a serious buyers anyone can get for their boat is good are just not moving and searay as well as private boats are trying to get anything they can ......even new boats are hurting right've seen pretty much all the boats being manufactured and although most will say that the maxum line is a bayliner with is the searay models....they were all made in the same factories and used the same running gear and other parts.....the only difference between the 3 were materials used on the interiors....some ran the monkey fur while others ran vinyl ....while others used one type of wood was still the same wood laminate or maybe some other more expensive laminate for's what the market would bear....

as I got a very nice boat...enjoy...make sure you replace the impeller this season if it hasn't been replaced......


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a Maxum is a Bayliner with lipstick......

All the parts are avaiable at the bayliner, sea ray deals.

like a chevy, is a buick, is a cadillac with the same 3400 v-6 engine and drive train.

no one will sell their boat for what NADA lists, they rather sink it for a fish spawning ground first.

used boat is a used boat, only value is how it was care for, and the look you want.

buyers remorse is typical, like when the guy docks next to you with a 12" wider beam..... ;(

so, bottom line is your maxum will out live as all............ so enjoy your time together.
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Great, thank you for your prompt response. I tried to look at specs in the hull, but the front of it looks as if it was dragged in the sand a bit. I'll be taking the boat for a complete assessment. I shoudl have done it prior to buying it, but after my last few expereinces trying to buy a boat and someone beating me to it, I just took the risk to buy it. Overall the boat look in great condition with the exception of the front of the hull that I'm just hoping it may need some paint.
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think of it this way:

new boat payment $250 mth x 12 months = $3,000 a year.

So, if you buy a used boat and put less the $3,000 a year into it for repairs, your ahead.

more likely 1/3 in repairs the first year....
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The damage on the bow is probably from the boat being on a sand bar a number of times. Very common for folks to do that for the day, but the sand and stones and shells can cause damage to the gel coat (it isn't paint). Regardless, the damage is probably minor and it shouldn't be a big deal (read: not too expensive) to repair. A fiberglass guy will be able to take care of it.

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Put a Keel Guard on it if you plan to beach.
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I don't know about the NADA value. I did a quick search and found several Maxum 1800MX models:

2007: $11,000
2007: $12,500
2006: $12,989
2004: $7,977

The prices are going to be dictated by condition as well. I think the price you got was fair. Now, Maxum cheaper than Searay. Sure, but in my honest opinion you're overpaying for searay's to begin with. Teh quality difference between Bayliner, Maxum and Searay are not nearly as great as the differences in price. Maxum less expensive than Bayliner? That I've never heard. You'll be hard pressed to get as much boat for your dollar than a bayliner, or even a Maxum with no compromise on hull, engine and drive.
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Congrats and welcome!!!

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