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Default Manual needed for 1992 2300SCR, other questions

I just bought a 92 2300 SCR but need manual. Unable to find one on the web. Anyone able to help? Also, has anyone installed a generator on one of these? Am looking to run refrigerator, tv....

Don't know if fridge is 12v or not, anyone know?

Finally, speedometer is not working, is there a good source for locating replacement gauges for Maxums?



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Welcome aboard Jesmithusa!!!

The fridge is dual voltage. It will run on VAC (110v) if available and will automatically switch to VDC (12V) If VAC is not available. The automated switch is in the board on the fridge, no manual intervention required.

Simple test. Turn the fridge on using the on/off switch on the fridge. Now plug the boat into shore power. Turn the battery switch off and the fridge breaker on. Is the fridge running? Now turn the fridge breaker off and the battery switch on. Is the fridge still running?

Speedo's are notoriously inaccurate. Use GPS. Don't worry about it.

I seriously doubt you will fit even the smallest 3K generator into a 2300. The cost will be prohibitive. use a Honda 2K with a short short cord. I can run my fridge, battery charger, and A/C on my Honda 2k (2800 SCR). I have to shut off the A/C to run the hot water heater.

Boats aren't like cars/trucks. Brunswick makes the hull and deck. everything else is 3rd party. Engine and Drive are Mercruiser (also Brunswick, but a different division), gauges are Faria, tables and posts are Todd Industries. Hatches are Bomar. Head is usually Jabsco. Pumps are typically Jabsco. Seastrainers and seacocks are usually Grocco. Windshield is Taylor. Stove is Origo. Fridge is Norcold. faucets are Whale.
Cleats are Perko.

There is very little useful info. in the manual with the exception of the wiring diagram.
Everything else is a collection of item specific manuals from the 3rd party manufacturers.

Tracing the wiring diagram is fairly easy simply by looking around and following the path of things.

Best of luck.

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Default Returned 2300scr, searching again, questions, advice requested

We "bought" 2300scr yesterday but returned the boat as we encountered issues with motor mysteriously powering down a couple times today, had to throttle boat up and down after struggling to restart it. Owner admitted that was a prob his mechanic was to have fixed. He suggested we pour two bottles of Sea Foam in gas tank to clean out carb.
He also said motor was just pulled to have new drain plug installed and to fix engine mounts to address leaks.
After all that we told him we were going to return the boat. He understood and took the boat back.
After that we have decided to look for another maxim, newer albeit, as we like the cabin cruiser. We have seen a few listed in the low $20k range and that have lower hrs.
To do this right next time, I have some questions:
1. Would you always hire a surveyor and a mechanic to check motor compression, etc? Between both it appears you could spend a grand for a boat that you would not buy... Any suggestions as we are new to boating.
2. What are considered high hrs? A boat shop today told me that 700 hrs were high for the 1992 2300scr, while a mechanic told me 2,000 hrs is high. We never saw the boat started up cold.
3. Many attractive cruisers are a good ways away in other states. Would you trust surveyor, mechanics to check, test boat and have it shipped to you?
4. After our experience I am gun shy about rotted transom, deck issues, engine issue, bellows, etc. just seems that spending a grand for inspection is prohibitive unless you are looking at spending $17k and up. Suggestions?
Seems from what I am reading, that unless you have tons of money for a new cabin cruiser, that buying a used cabin cruiser is fairly risky.

We just to spend something in the $15-$22k range and spend $1k per year to maintain. Am I being unrealistic?

Thanks for sharing any of your experiences and advice.

Jim & Suzette, soon to be boat owners?
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Jim not sure where you are but a surveyor charges based on length, my 2400 cost me around $350. Most surveyors on inspect boat structure and general condition and if good will use a IR thermal gun to take a few reading of the engine including the manifolds. They should also test run it and check WOT performance.

Hiring a mechanic cost varies but I would think about $100 per hour and no more than 4 hours to check compression, take an oil sample to be analyzed
, and general operation.

A typical boater who uses his boat weekly will put 50 per year on a boat so multiply that but age of boat to determine what to expect. A gas engine is salt water is good for about 2000 hours and exhaust should be replaced every 500 hours. This is IMO.

Do not trust a surveyor hired by the seller, they are repressing the sellers interest. They may be honest but then again.

Best of luck
1997 2400 SCR
5.7 Vortec / Bravo 2
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generator, manual, refrigerator

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