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Default Lake Powell Storm

The Lake Powell trip over Memorial Day was an adventure to say the least ....

Thur night we rafted up 5 boats in a cove near Gun Sight and had a great time but by early Fri morning the winds had picked up and clocked around to the point our little cove was like a washing machine and the raft up was being pushed up on the beach. We spent a couple hours managing lines and fenders until the sun came up and we could really asses the situation.

2 of the bigger boats (30' and a 32') were already beached to the point they would not get themselves off on their own power. I shoved off and loitered in the area until I could contact NPS via VHF and make arrangements for a tow boat (just a side note, there is no emergency services available on Powell from sunset to sunrise, they simply will not come get you).. Once I had confirmation the salvage barge was on it's way from Exec Services I headed to the marina with the other 2 boats (27 miles in 6' white caps and 60 mph wind gust - tons of fun ).. It cost them $975.00 to get towed off. and the VHF was busy with calls for tows for the next couple days. Exec Services was making bank for a couple days.

Dangling Rope Marina was damaged in the storm and lost power to the fuel dock for a while.

So , since the weather was not expected to improve for a couple days we all got slips in the marina and held a dock party Fri and Sat night

Everyone bailed on Sun morning but me an my GF stayed and spent Sun / Mon nights in a couple wonderful canyons up lake and had a great time. Given the unknown about fuel at Dangling Rope I did not want to venture much further up lake than West and Last Chance.....

This was pretty much our maiden trip with the new boat and I'm liking it.

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Sorry to hear about the troubles. I've been in similar situations, though I have yet to be beached......but I'm sure that's coming at some point. I try to anchor well enough away from the beach to have some reaction time and to be able to pay out more line if the wind kicks up in the middle of the night. If I were in 9 ft of water and had 70 ft. of line out, then if the wind kicks up, I wouldn't think twice about paying out to 125 ft or more. I'd also consider trying to set another anchor.

One night, we had to fire up the engines and put the boats (2 boats) in gear to take some tension off of the anchor lines.

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here a youtube video of 25 boats that nobody was watching and they floated away....

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dang...didn't think lake powell got that nasty ....figured it was a paradise for boaters....bikini's and hot boats....all over the place...

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