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Default Just gotta do somefing

Happy New Year to all.

With a good layer of snow being on everything for the past week, and damn cold for the past month ... boat well & truly closed down for winter.

However I am very much of the opinion that if there is nothing wrong with your boat, then you should fiddle with it until something needs doing.

So today with temp of -1 deg C, and a lot of snow and ice about, I bemused my neighbours by bringing boat out and fitting on the Tower.

Some of you may recall I posted a pic last year that I had added a a Roswell Tower to my Maxum .... and very pleased with it I was.

On issue had been that if I folded it down to garage the boat ... the racks came to rest part way done the gunwales .... damage to gell coat waiting to happen.

Neat solution provided by the supplier - fitted swivel mounts to the racks ... this spaces the racks out about 75mm further from Tower tube, and that allowed them to clear hull on folding.
Also once folded, I can also swivel racks up (actually forwards if tower were raised) ... that makes for a significant amount of extra beam space reduction ... which helps when reversing into the boat shed, and walking past it ... have walloped my shoulder more than once !

It will also allow much easier access to boards & skis, as the racks can now swivel through 90 degree into the boat for loading boards.

I would like to thank Mike at Wakeboard Towers UK ... who sorted me out with this Tower, fitted it, and then worked with me to find solution to my need to fold it for putting into my boat store.
If you need a Tower in the UK (any make) then Mike is your man. (he is a member of this forum & a good guy to deal with)

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post some pic's in the projects forum...would love to see all the instl. and pic's of it...

sounds like fun inspite of the temps...


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Originally Posted by Argonaut View Post
I am very much of the opinion that if there is nothing wrong with your boat, then you should fiddle with it until something needs doing.
LMAO!!!! Isn't that the truth. Altnhough I still haven't found that magic time when there's nothing wrong. On the other hand I still swap between the list of 'Need-to-Do's' and the list of "Want-to-do's". The needs are typically less fun anyway.
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