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Default health problems again

hai guys,

in june i had my last operation and everything looked quiet allright, i was in the hospital for a check up 24th of august and the doctor said.... well the problem you had is over after 7 operations but unluckely you are incontinent (cant hold up my s..t anymore for the rest of my life) i said okay... change my life a little bit and go on......untill the 5th of september......big problems last i went through the MRI because the doctor said "i dont know it anymore". last week i went back for the results of the MRI......well i have a big problem in my rectum/bowel.......there is something like a swelling/inflammation/ 19th of october it's party time again in the this time i try to be happy and funny and tell everybody that i'm okay........but to be honust..........i struggle with my self like i never did befor in my other words after.... what i have had being through the last 16 months......i'm anxious, angry, feel misserable because of the medicines......cant work again, try to relax and enjoy the sun we had last week....but deep inside...........

today i have the appointment with the narcotic men (the one who will bring you into a deep sleep for a few hours) and after that... just wait untill the 19th....will be in the hospital for about a week the said.....( said that last year also and it became almost 6 weeks) so at this moment.....less sleep, a little bit short off to all my related frends and family......

keep you all informed...

o and just to prevent the problems i had off could'nt do anything last winter on my boat, i take her out next week and winterize her (i know much to early but it costed me a lot of money last year for things i normally do myself)

so greatz, ed

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Sending you warm regards and hopes that you will get well soon! We will keep you and yours in our thoughts and payers!

God Bless You!


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Wishing you and your family the very best.
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WoW Ed!!!....that sure sucks!!! take it really easy and hope the operation is a success..

keeping you and inge in our prayers.....god bless you and let us know how it works out when you can!!!!

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Ed, hang in there. You are in our thoughts. Wishing you speedy recovery and a well endowed nurse in low cut blouses.
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Default'r all in our minds too

greatz, ed
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Will keep you and Inge in our thoughts Ed. I'm sure the waiting will drive you crazy - as it would me, but I can't help but have the impression that you're too stubborn to let anything beat you. Try to keep yourself busy and the 19th will come before you know it.

Stay in touch and let us know how things go.


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I am very sorry to hear that you have health issues again. I wish you and Inge the very best and will keep you both in our prayers and thoughts. Hope that all goes well on the 19th and that your recovery is swift and complete. You are a strong guy with a great sense of humor - both of which will no doubt help you get through this set back.

Take care, get well and stay strong.

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I too am very sorry to hear about your health issue. However, like the rest of the guys, I have faith that you will get through it and I will be sending good thoughts and vibes your way. Getting healthy is often strongly coupled to attitude, and we've seen how positive a person you are, so all I can say is don't lose that!

Best wishes to you and Inge!


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