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Default Gas station issues

Hey everyone. I have a Maxum 1800SR3 and everytime at the gas station when I fill it up the pump does not shut off quick enough when the tank is full and fuel spills everywhere. It seems to happen at all gas stations. Is there a fix for this issue? Updated fuel lines?

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what's happening to your filling process is that either the vent line is pinched or blocked....or...the bow is too high during fuelling and it starts to back up thus shooting fuel out of the fill the vent line....change the angle of the bow during refueling...or change the angle of the fuel line that goes into the tank.....that's bout it...

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Mark, you have to be listening very carefully to the resonance where the hose handle goes in your fuel fill. As the tank gets full, it will resonate less and you will get to know the sound right before it's about to spew because it's full, so at that point you slow the flow way down. To break up the gas sheen that hits the water from time to time, we keep a spray bottle of enviro friendly cleaner, and spray the water around the boat and it breaks it up right away.
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Awesome! I'll take a look at the vent line. Thanks for the advice!!
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I have been trying that and sometimes catch it in time but most of the time when the resonance changes its too late... I have been leaving the gas pump clicked on the slowest setting when filling and that helps a little bit. It sucks when your filling up and run into the mini mart for beer and supplies and you dont make it back to the boat in time. Now I just send the wife for the booze!!!
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Cool dribble, dribble

I have notice the same thing, and filled up 2 days ago-heres one point I can share. I have learnedf to listen to the sounds of gas in the tank, but more importanatly the vent will start to drip fuel as the take fills up...the drip will continue faster and fast-and gives you somehwta of a warning system to slow the flow WAY I dont mind the stench of gas!
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I have the same issue with my 1800MX and I've had this problem from day 1 so I'm thinking (at least in my case) it's not the vent. What I do is take off the port rear seat back and watch the tank. Since it's plastic and somewhat see-thru I can tell when it's getting close to full. I don't know where your tank is located or if you have this option, but it's better than spilling gas on the hull.
-- Tom

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Agree with checking vent lines, also try not having the handle wide open. When you know its getting close throttle back so not so much fuel pressure is coming out of the pump.
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hai goetz...

what you also must check is the length of the gasoline supply hose from the inlet point to the tank, if it is not straight going down to the tank but with a little bit of ups and downs than you can have a problem with filling the tank in combination with the air that wants to go out. if it is to long make it shorter, and also check the outlet ventilation niple, maybe it is closed with dirt and spiders so the air cant leave to that point (ope yuo understand it)....i had these problems with one of my older boat..... and shortening the hose was the solution

greatz, ed
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I got a container that sticks over the vent with suction cups and holds any spills and take it off when done I think I got it from westmarine it works like a charm no spills

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