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Default First time out issues- alarm,start up, acceleration

Just put my newly purchased 2006 2000SR3 with 5.7MPI engine (12 hours) in water and have a number of issues that the slim on line owners manual does not help.

1. When I turn the key the oil pressure, heat, level alarm sounds loudly. It does not turn off until engine starts then it quiets. Boat was winterized and prepped for me before I got it. I checked levels of oil heat, and pressure and all is well but alarm goes off any time key is on and engine is off, as when the engine stalls. On line manual is no help at all.

2. Hard starting, seems like it needs more gas but cannot do that when it is out of gear. Other boats I have had allowed raising rpm a little when engine was cold to get it started without engaging drive. Any idea how to do that. Again manual no help.

3. When I finally got it started, and warmed up, perfomance really really disappointing. Horrible acceleration. Took 15-20 seconds to get to plane, even with tilt at upper levels, then maximum speed only about 44. I thought it might be a propeller issue on the take off, but then max speed would have been greater.

Any ideas or thoughts on these issues would be appreciated.


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Default Re: First time out issues- alarm,start up, acceleration

1. Sounds like a wiring issue. IT should sound for a few seconds then turn off, regardless of how long you have the key on for.

2. An MPI engine should be turn key start. but if you depress the knob in the middle of the throttle (where it rotates) you should be able to give it some gas and keep it in neutral. Most boats can be a tad hard to start if they've been left for a while. Once warm it shouldn't be an issue... is yours still not starting up right away?

3. That is a bit of a dissapointing top end in my opinion. How olds the fuel in the tank? Does the engine sound fine?

Has this boat got any warranty? Have you a dealer nearby?

Brit Rider
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Default Re: First time out issues- alarm,start up, acceleration

I bought it from an RV dealer who was selling it for his bank as a repo. He says it ran fine with no alarm issues when he took it out of the water and stored it.

Is the electrical diagram in manual adequate to help diagnose potential wiring issue for alarm? The alarm does not go off until engine starts.

Gas is from fall 2008 but engine sounds fine once it warmed up and seemed to be running smoothly with full throttle, but just did not get the speed I expected. Really lugged/struggled trying to get itself up on a plane though which is the bigger issue for a ski/wake board boat.

No warranty, no dealer in Montana.
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Default Re: First time out issues- alarm,start up, acceleration

check the drive oil reservoir levels or the float switch..this is the usual culprit and will cause the alarm to go off if oil levels are low...check the oil pressure switch..if the oil pressure switch connection is corroded..then it will sound there too....the only other switch is the temp...if it's not reading correctly ..then the alarm will sound...that's all that can make the alarm go off..
if it goes off when you turn the key..then that's's supposed to do that...once pressures are up and should turn right off...if it doesn't..then check levels and connections....
as for getting it into neutral..there should be a side button to push in as you advance the's kinda obvious on the throttle qdnt....

to get the boat on plane...put drive down all the way....if you have the boat loaded heavily..then adjust load to be more level...if you have trim tabs....lower trim tabs down and then advance throttle....what is your wot rpm.?? might be over propped....check the air flame arrestor for clean and clear screens...may have bad gas in the tank....burn that off and add fresh.....I'm assuming the bottom is clean......that's about all there is to check...

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Default Re: First time out issues- alarm,start up, acceleration

My alarm sounds all the time without the engine running but that might be because mine is a older 96 model

It should sound without the engine running its telling you its working, seeing as its a mpi you could do with plugging it in so you can see if there are any codes stored, What revs did it go to flat out? it should plane a lot quicker than that mine doesn't take nearly that long and mine has the 4.3 but it is a foot shorter

That boat should go like stink with the 5.7 in it,
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Default Re: First time out issues- alarm,start up, acceleration

1) The alarm on my boat sounds when the key is turned, but NOT started. (Think of Accessory setting in a car). The alarm will sound until the boat is started or the key is turned to the OFF position. This is a an alarm 'check' which tells you your engine alarm system is working correctly. IF there are problems such as low oil pressure, temp. etc. it will give you an alarm code while the engine is running. If you don't hear any alarms when the engine is running, then the engine is running fine. If only hear the alarm as a constant 'claxion' when the key is turned halfway, then your alarm is functioning correctly. If you don't hear an alarm with the key turned half-way, then the alarm is disconnected or malfunctioning.

2) There should be a button (as stated above) at teh fulcrum of the throttle lever which should allow you to engage the throttle without engage the outdrive into Drive. Also as stated above, you theoretically shouldn't need to give an MPI/EFI engine throttle to start as is the case with carberated engine. cogged injectors, timing?

3) I'd focus more on what the RPM's are at WOT, and compare to what the engine's max RPM range should be. Are you UNDER the max RPM range? Over the max RPM range? (RPM range is most likely stamped right on the engine cowl.
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Default Re: First time out issues- alarm,start up, acceleration

Thanks to all for the excellent advice.


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