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Default errrr, forgot how to empty the waste water container

hey guys
sounds stupid but being a lost hours type of guy concerning the boat i have forgotten how to empty the waste water tank
i know there are 2 switches beneath the steering wheel and when i press them i can hear a sound (pump)
do i have to be in motion, do i have to open a water intake handle (engine bay floor), do i need to be do'ing >2000 rpm
the damn thing is getting full (worse, it's slowing me down)


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what boat do you have?

you push the two switches under the dash and you should here the massarator running, it will grind and dump everything over board automatically.

Open your engine hatch and look for the tank on the starboard side, on the back and see if your have a Y- valve with a pad lock on it. This is to prevent discharge.

If not your tank is clogged and you will need to pump out the tank, then unclog it.... not fun.

In the states, you need to go 5 miles off shore to dump to the ocean.

its easier to goto a gas dock and use the pump out station that is just a big vaccum and sucks it right out of the port below your gasoline cap.
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