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Default East coast winterization robbery

them: me:
boat storage: - $40f/ft - $0 in my yard
Shrink wrap: - $12ft - $148 blue tarp last year.
A/C system: - $80 - $0 2 min and my air compressor
Head System: - $80 - $0 2 min. and my air compressor
Water system: - $125 - $0 2 min. with my air compressor
Shower sump: - $25.00 - $0 1 min. with pouring pink juice down the drain.
Engine flush: - $175.00 - $0 4 min. with garden hose
Engine, oil, fog: - $515.00 - $0 will do the oil in the spring, you don't fog fuel injected engines.

So..... That $2,650.00 i would, sink the boat if I had to pay that.

Now my big mistake................

I looked at the 2012 Bayliner 3055 w/ 2-5.0 for $109k....... my maxum is not so plush anymore....
row boat vs. a cadillac

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well 109k is not so bad....same boat here in the netherlands mistake????? it makes me a little bit jalous.....(haha)

tuff desision you have to make.....

greatz, ed

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Default coin a phrase from yrs ago..

pay me now....or pay me it right the first time ....

Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.
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A/C, Head and Water System, should have the pink Polypropelyne Glycol running through them. Displacing water is great, it will most likely work, but any water left anywhere will still freeze. Theoretically, if there is room, it will expand, if the system is closed, it will potentially blow any valves or connetors. Sitting water, with air around it will rust. I'd prefer pumping the 'pink stuff' into everything and leaving it. Certainly using an air compressor to blow the water out first requires less A/F to displace the same water. I displace it, but that is up to you.

On teh contrary regarding fogging a Fuel Injected engine. REad the Merc process. You end up mixing oil, gas, store and start, and some startron and run it in the engine until she sputters and smokes. Merc has a complete writeup on how to do it. I have a small outboard fuel tank that I use. Disconnect the main fuel line and connect the portal fuel tank and run her til she smokes.

I also run Purple Antifreeze through the engine to displace and protect the raw water side. It is still ridiculously cheap to do it myself, but not quite as easy as your process. Again, Merc has good write ups on the recommended process.

Just my .02.
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What is a boat other then an RV with a propeller?

All valves open and water drained to daylight, like most RV's, its all plastic lines, even better clear, or white.

Outside of a full 1/2 filled line, with no place to expand and values closed, would you have a possiblity of a rupture.

Look at your sinks, shower, and toilet, all water lines end up vertical, and the hot water heater drain valve is the lowest point in the system, so pushing air from the strainer of the fresh water pump at 100 psi, just blows it all out, much like my lawn sprinklers. Those engineers are pretty smart about drain down systems.

I drop the fan belt, run the engine for 2 min once a month, with no sea water pump, water pump, or alternator. My engine is fresh water cooled, so the thermostat will rise, after the engine is off. no fogg for me.

Been an camper longer then a boater.......
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Originally Posted by pascavone View Post
What is a boat other then an RV with a propeller?
Have to agree 100% here. I have both a 31' Fleetwood and my 21' Maxum. I do both myself and they are pretty easy to do. Just takes a bit of time, paying attention and a bit of the pink stuff (8 gallons for both).
Now on the RV I do have the water heater bypass installed so I just drain the tank and then flip it to bypass. Then it is just pump it in until it flows out all valves and then pour some extra down each drain.
I have kitchen sink, bathroom sink, bathtub, toilet and outside shower.

Now the boat only has an engine so I get off easy on it
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We have the same criminal acts going on in the Midwest..... Lucky for me I have taught myself how to do all the winterization on my boats that I have owned like it sounds everybody else knows also. For the heavier stuff I take advanage of our marina's "winter labor rate" to get the inside the engine stuff done. One of my favorite shows is Shape Shape TV and they were winterizing a big Sea Ray for the season through a Marine Max dealer in Wisconson and the total bill was around $2500.00. Wow!

Back in 1993 I had a chance to go to OMC's mechanic's school in Waukegan ( when there was still an OMC) that lasted a couple of weeks. I had a friend that I worked with (railroad) that was a mechanic on the side for a local marina and through them I could go. I pasted on the deal which I have wondered what might of lead to?


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