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Smile Dual Shore Power on 3000 SCR Question

Hey Everyone,
I'm looking at purchasing a 3000 SCR and it has dual 30 amp shore power inputs. I have looked at plenty of boats with 1, but what is the purpose of 2 on this boat? I believe the power panel has Line 1 and Line 2 and off if I remember correctly if that has something to do with it. I think my marina only supplies 1 30 amp chord so that might be an issue. Thanks for your input!

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Back at you again Keith. They make shore power cords called spliters that will take care of your problem . It looks like the letter Y . Single end attachs to your shore power tower and the other two attach to your cords.coming from your boat. Just make sure everything is 30 amp. They are pricey so hunt around on line for a good price. I found a used one for 50 bucks which you could pay 3 times as much.

And as far as your two lines question's safer! Because of the a/c added line would be a lot to handle. So two lines spread the amp load .


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Thank you for the information Roger! Very helpful.
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Line 2 is for the air conditioning. Line 1 does the rest.

If you use a Y connection the cable feeding it from the shore panel needs to be sized to handle the current of the two lines.
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The loads on a 3000 are bigger than what a single 30 could support within the accepted safety standards. Choice the would have been a single 50 or split to two 30's. With the two 30's large loads are also split between the two. A/C, stove and fridge are on one and the water heater, outlets, microwave and battery charger are on the other.

Splitters are OK, as long as you're aware that splitting a 30 into two 30's doesn't add any capacity. You still only have 30a supply. Not an issue as long as you don't have everything running at the same time...

Best way to feed the two shore power cables when dockside options are limited would be to use the 50A (if they have it) and split it into two 30's.
That way you have 50A to work with onboard.

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I agree with jparsons121, but 2-30amp cables would be the best option.
That is if the marina has that option at your berth.
Even splitting a 50amp service I would be careful with what you will be using at the same time.
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As stated above. The circuit on the stanchion is 30amps. Each circuit on your boat is also 30 amps. I have used a splitter without issues, however you'll need to balance the load manually.

A neighbor fried his cord this summer when they were trying to run the A/C, battery charger, hotwater heater, TV, the stove and then tried to run either a coffee maker or microwave. In his case, the breaker on the boat did trip, but not the breaker on the stanchion and not before he fried his shorecord.

Suggestions to split a 50amp to 2 x 30amp good, but only if you have a 50 amp circuit available on your power stanchion (which is typically only seen on larger slips).
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Wanted to thank everyone for the great info. I'm sure this will be valuable information for many folks on this site. I'll be careful not to run everything at once and I'll also check with the GM at the marina as the office person was guessing and really didn't have a good idea of what I was asking when I asked about amperage for power.
Thanks again!

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shore power

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