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Default docking

I am new to powerboating.
I love my 1993 Maxum 23SCR.
I am, however, embarrassed to say that I am terrible at docking the boat.

My boat has a single stern drive and my docksite is a slip where I have to turn into it(from the starboard) like a car taking a right hand turn into a parking space.

I find that despite multiple trials of docking the boat, the landing is always rocky and always involves cursing and trauma to the boat.

It feels like a catch 22:
The maneuverability of the boat at slow speeds stinks, in neutral you loose the helm altogether(the curse of the stern drive), yet when approaching the dock even at the slowest "in gear" speed it always seems as if I am coming in to fast.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Practice, practice, practice.

I have nearly the same boat (2300SC) size and it is a bit bigger than my last (21' open bow). I had same fears and problems. Over time (and hopefully with minimal damage), you will get the skills. Then confidence will follow.

Mad Max
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Default Docking

Do what I do: prior to entering the marina, completely wrap your boat with bubble packing. Wrap it at least ten times. This gives you about 4 inches of bubble wrap protectant. Mind not, the people laughing and pointing at you, as they will be quite impressed as you pull a 180 sliding turn into your dock at warp speeds.


Try try again. Yesterday was the first day on the boat that I had a totally relaxed docking experience. My tip as a new boater myself??? Put someone with a pole on the bow and someone on the stern, take it really slow and dont be afraid to do it again and again (and againand again).

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enivalg if coming in too fast keep putting it in and out of gear giving small bursts also at slow speeds practice turning then engaging the gears forward and reverse do this out on the water you will soon learn how she handles at slow speeds and manouvering,and then theres the dreaded wind and current but thats another story,dont be put off by bystanders everyboby experianced and new can balls up and we regularly do,have fun.
regds ash
1999 maxum 2800scr 6.2l b3
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Default docking

I have a 6' pole holding a rope on the dock about mid ship that I grab and hook it to my rail so I can dock alone and in wind on my 2400scr works great looks stupid but no dings no pipe poles???
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the 24 ftrs are a bear to dock....even with a current and/or slight wind it really gets white knuckled....

the best thing to do is 1)never approach the faster than your willing to crash into it......
2)put a line from the bow or midcleat and take it to the stern for your crewperson on the swim step.....they can have the stern line and the midcleat line in hand so when they get off the dock..they will have control of the boat..
3)first thing the crewperson does is cleat the stern....don't do anything else until they cleat it..then you can apply pwr to the drive which will pull you in.....
4)practice-relax-practice...did I say practice??....
and finally watch the winds...tide..current...whatever...adjust to the will come...

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Default docking

do a google search under (docking line catcher) I made one and it really works great to secure the boat fast at midship.I have no fear of docking alone in 20 plus mph line catcher is on helm side so I just reach and grab the line and secure it.

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