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Default Confused about models and engines

I have 3100 2003 model.
Just bought the boat and can't figure out if I have a SE or SCR model?
MY ownders manual says only SCR but the paperwork to purchase says SE??
Also I am baffled about the engines and drives.
The boat has 5.0 Mercury Fuel Injected motors. I have seen these motors refered to from 220 HP to 260HP. I' seen boat tests done on this boat where they call them 220HP with top speeds of in the 30's.
I dont get it. My marine guys say the engines are more like 250-260 and the boat will run low 40's.
FInally, I have seen boat tests where they refer to this model having Bravo II drives but all my material refers to my drives being Bravo III's ????


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In 2003 they were SE's not SCR's. The conversion occurred around 2002 - 2003. 2001 -2002 was the last year they made the SCR model. According the Maxum site, these are 5.0 (220HP). The site doesn't iindicate whether they offered an optional engine package for that year and model. The very well could have. The site is missing almost the entire 2002 line-up (hence the unsurity as to whether the model name changed in 2002 or 2003.

Here is the site I'm using as reference:,4,9,23

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first off...welcome to the zoo...shrew is 2700 also was listed as an SCR on the stern..yet for parts and was refered to as an SE in the parts books......
if you have B2 drives, there will only be one prop on each leg...if you have a b3 drives..then your going to have 2 props counter-rotating....

as for engine options....the standard carb'd engine is 220 hp rated..
the mpi engine is rated at 260hp.....

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thank you guys so so much.
Yes this is what I was told by my merc service guy, he said 220 on the NA's and 260 on the FI's.
I just found that so weird to have such a large difference in HP from Carb to FI.
The other weird thing is that I read a boating review of the 3100 SE 2003 model, same as mine.
They talked about how the motors were 220 HP, carburated with some sort of special quick start feature, but more importantly, they referred to the vessel having B2 drives.
They talked about how the boats top speed was in the mid 30's yet the article did not mention any options for B3's or 260HP motors, etc.
It was very confusing. And for sure my boat will go faster than that as I had it up to 44 MPH at one point in my very limited time of using it.
My wife and I just got the boat and have had it out two weekends in a row and stayed over night in it tied up to some friends last weekend. It was below freezing and I bought it winterized so all we did was de-winterize the gen and motors and left the systems alone. We used some little space heaters to keep warm below at night.
In the day in the thirties, we were down to t-shirts inside the canvas, it was very warm and lovely.
We love this Maxum boat and cant wait to get it all figured out and have fun with it next year.
OMG! I have so much to do. Antiquated GPS, some gauges that dont work, not so hot sound system, update TV and install one up top and in aft bunk for the kids, etc etc.
Thanks for the help guys,
Mike and Lara
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