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Default canvas on or off?

i leave my full canvas on all summer, but other boat in the channel leave the cockpit open all summer.

my canvas man thinks its best to roll it up, but what the point of having it?

I think the less water you have on or in the boat is better for the boat.

what your opinion?

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up here in the's canvas up all the time...unless your going to store the boat for a long period...the weather and stuff up here is brutal on interiors so it's best to keep the canvas up.....
plus we use it for a second space to enjoy...


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Canvas Up, makes for a cleaner cockpit and less sun damage to vinyl. However it beats up the canvas more. Canvas down protects the canvas, but not the vinyl, cockpit gets filthy. Plus, it's easier to run off water with canvas up. Canvas down and you're relying on scuppers to discharge a much larger volume of water from rain. scupper gets blocked or if water works it's way into the bilge, then you're relying more on the bilge pump. I like canvas UP.
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BTW- i've seen some guy scompromise and use a cockpit tonneau cover. They take down the isinglass and bimini canvas and put on the cockpit tonneau cover. Teh cockpit tonneau is cheaper to replace than the bimini and isinglass and provides somewhat similar protection. However, unless supported properly, the tonneau can tend to build puddles and potentially fail. more so that a bimini and glass curtains.
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Canvas up year around. The front panels never come down or have to be rolled up. They swing back and up and snap to the leading edge of the arch. We roll the rear and the port and starboard (behind arch) panels up. The side panels in front of the arch only come down wind it is very warm and no wind. They have to be stored in the salon.

The rear also has a large screen. We also have a full front screen that zips to the side panels, snaps to the windshield (same pattern as clear panels) and the top attaches to the top with velcro. The keeps 99% of the bugs out.
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having had rain allmost every day since 1832 the canvas is always up.
only go's down while boating
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My canvas and isenglass is over 7 years old and looks brand new. 1997 3000SCR. I use a cockpit cover when not using the boat and only use the canvas and camper back when staying on the boat. Never run with canvas up. Wind puts a beating on isenglass and canvas. 2500 for the top another 500 for the cockpit cover.
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I am lucky enough to have a cockpit cover and full eisenglass. The tonneau cover gets used the most. The eisenglass is up when the rain is around and in the cool spring and fall weather. I keep the bimini up all the time.

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I've had the boat for 9 yrs now. Used the full camper top with Isinglass for the first 7 yrs, now I just keep the Bimini top on all the time and the Tonneau cover to protect the cockpit when not in use. I like the open air feel when running and the way it looks now. Personal preference....
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my isinglass is rolled up and stored in the garage ... have never used it.
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My boat is a 95 3200 scr. Over this past winter I redid all the glass and canvas as well as installed a camper-back. A couple of weeks ago, I learned the hard way having the canvas still in place while boating. Even though there are screens, my vision was still limited. So for me at least, from now on, canvas rolled up and away while boating, especially on the areas that limit vision.
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i no this is a old post but did you buy the camper top for the rear and poles thats what i need
Thanks Bill

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