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Default bomar hatch on 2700scr

I just discovered that my front hatch has a small crack in it. I am looking for either just the top part of the hatch with no hardware or a replacement lens. I havn't found anything online other than the whole hatch assembly which seems rather outrageously priced. I boat on lake winnebago in wisconsin, if anyone has solutions i would appreciate it!

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Default Re: bomar hatch on 2700scr

Have you checked this site out yet?

Bomar is a division of Pompanette LLC. They do sell a variety of parts. I found mostly the hardware. the only lenses I found were for portlight hatches. The site has a contact number, so you might be able to call them and talk to someone. It's often difficult to place absolutely every part in a catalogue or posted on a website. This type of part MIGHT only be purchased by boatyards and mechanics. however, the lens and frame are fairly integral and I would be suspect of 'my' ability to properly seal the two together adequately. however, it's worth a try.

Best of Luck


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Default Re: bomar hatch on 2700scr

I have checked out a bomar site, but they seem to only sell the comlete hatch or some of the hardware. Seems like a rip off to me. I would like to buy either just the replacement plexiglass or the the hatch top and reinstall it, but I can't find either one. I will try the site you listed and see if I can e-mail them. Yhanks for the help!
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Default Re: bomar hatch on 2700scr

You can contact Pompanette direct and get just the lense. Be sure to have the dimensions of the hatch and the Maxum part number so you get the correct one. You can also usually choose between white or tinted lense. You will also need to order a new gasket. The process is relatively straight forward to replace. You will need to completly remove the hatch (only the moveable part, not the frame mounted to the boat), use a razor to cut through the silicon selant that bonds the lense to the frame, and then you can pill the old lense and gasket out. You need to do a thorough job of cleaning the frame to remove all traces of the old silicone, then you cut the gasket material to fit, apply the new silicone sealant and set the new lense in place. I usually set something realatively heavy (50 lbs) on the lense to ensure is sits nice and square in the frame while the silicone cures. I have done 2 of these and they turned out great. Call them at:

Bomar Customer Service Location
PO Box 1200
South West Street
Charlestown, NH 03603
tel: (603) 826 5791
fax: (603) 826-4125
Bomar customer service:
1999 Maxum 3200 SCR
Twin 5.7 Mercruisers/Bravo 2
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Default Re: bomar hatch on 2700scr

Thanks for the info Bay Boy, i'll try to call them tomorrow to get the information I need. Sure don't want to get warer in the front birth. It doesn't look like it would be that hard to replace . The hard part was locating the new plexiglass.. Thanks again!..pirateguy!
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