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Lt. JG
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Default Boat Scam

I must be a magnet for these people. This is the second one to try this with me. Even after I would pick the boat up and pay cash.

Hello again ,

Thank you for still being interested in buying my boat,I will respond your inquires, but first let me explain you how
the whole process for this transaction will work:

This boat is already sealed in a container along with all the necessary documents in New York/NY and is ready to be shipped for inspection/test drive and/or to be bought. Everything has been paid for (inspections,shipping, staff, insurance, etc.) so you won't have to pay for anything else .If we reach an agreement, the boat will be delivered directly to your address. This boat is in perfect condition and has no scratches or other marks, it was never involved in any accidents.I'm doctor and after the divorce i have chose to go in an experience exchange program in London / United Kingdom for a while because i think that this will help me to pass this difficult situation.I have a contract with eBay so this deal must go through them. According to eBay you have 15 days from the time you receive the bike to inspect it and decide if you want to keep it or not.

Here is how it will work:
1.First of all I will need the following details from you:
- Full Name.............
- Full Shipping Address.................
- Working Phone#..................
2. After I will receive the details from you, I will forward them to eBay.
3.After they will process your info, they will send us both invoices. The invoice will send you the details on how to make a refundable payment.
4.eBay will contact me and I will ship the boat to you. After you receive the boat you will have 15 days to test, verify and do whatever you need to the boat If you will buy, then I will receive the payment details from eBay so that I can pick up the money.
5. If you will decide that you will not buy the boat, eBay will refund the money and I will have the shipping company come pick up my boat.
If you wish to make the transaction, please send me the necessary info so that we can proceed.I look forward to hear from you.

PS: Don't forget to send me your FULL NAME & FULL ADDRESS if you are really interested in this boat
And also I will need them for further collaboration regarding the transaction and better explanation of the whole process!
Thank you for all and if you have other questions please reply to my email.

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oh man....between this one and the liberia scam....I don't know who is dumber!!....when I get these I just tell them that I'm letting my brother who works for the state dept handle legal procedures...funny how I never hear from them again!!


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Hahaha. What, didn't they need your SSN for identification purposes.
I had some real morons think I was a moron when we first started looking at boats.
Things like "the boat is in Germany, but I will pay for shipping to your house when you send payment."
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Good catch. The red flags here would be:

1) The seller is a Dr. with poor grammer
2) They refer to 'Boat" then later refer to it being a bike.
3) eBay DOES NOT escrow and process payments. That is arranged between the buyer and seller. They utilize Pay Pal as a 3rd party for escrowing payment.
4) Nobody would incur the cost to ship a boat which the sale is pending a seatrial and inspection. The guy would pay more than the cost of the boat if more than 2 people decided not to purchase.
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Default There is a "SUCKER" born every day

At least we are wise enough to avoid these scams. But trueth be told, there are those who fall for this type of stuff all the time. Some people just can't let "To Good To be True" alone....
Jim Black
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