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Default boat leaning

I just had a 8kw westerbeke generator installed on my 2001 3300 SCR.
The generator weighs about 440lbs and was installed on the port side which is now making the boat lean to port. Has anyone been able to fix this problem.

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Default Re: boat leaning

dang..that's a big genny....I had the 4.5kva in my 2700 scr and it leaned on the port side also...about the only way to even it out was to fill the water tank on the stbd side....

if your batt's are over there...maybe there is room on the stbd side to move them....just a suggestion.....

and welcome to the club...nice boat by the way...
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Default Re: boat leaning

Thanks but that will not work because my water tank is under the galley floor.
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Default Re: boat leaning

When I had 4 deep cycle batteries (67lbs each 268 lbs total) installed for my inverter on the port side I had the same problem with my 3200 SCR.

I was able to fix the problem by installing a battery box on the starboard side. I then started adding 1lb lead ingots until the boat was balanced. It took 145 of ingot to balance it out and that used up about 3/4 of the battery box. You can get the lead ingot from most metal recycle places for around a dollar a pound (the price June 08)

This summer I hope to move my two engine batteries to the starboard side and remove some of the lead. The lead battery box is right behind the hot water tank. I believe there is room for at least one if not two of the engine batteries in that same area.
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