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Default Boat almost sold

Well it looks as if my boat is sold subject to survey and river trial,it has only been on the market for about 4 weeks so i have been quite lucky,it had a survey less than a year ago and came out clean so hopefully it should sail through,the question is what to get next i am fancying a twin diesel as it is easier to buy diesel than petrol in the uk boating world, and also something a bit bigger subject to finance,alt what about a caravan at the coast and a 6mtr rib with atleast a 100hp motor?


1999 maxum 2800scr 6.2l b3
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Well boat not sold the bloke took it for a river trial last week was happy and paid deposit,couldnt get a survey till monday 18 august due to surveyor on holiday.Broker rang me today says the bloke has called and he has had a death in the family and doesnt want to buy at moment, :roll:
well **** happens,i didnt have a good feeling about this bloke he seemed a bit of a fender kicker,hed been on the boat 3 times,if its a genuine situation fair enough if not why dont people be honest and say iam just wasting your time do you mind?

1999 maxum 2800scr 6.2l b3
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Default Boat Sold

It's great to hear somebody has sold their boat. I live in Tampa Bay, Fl and the market is really saturated with unsold boats. Great deals areall around for those of us who make way on the high seas. Congrats on your sale.
John Mynster, Maxum 3700 SCR, Madeira Beach , FL
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sorry it didn't work out....he probably just wanted a boat ride....

someone serious will swing by...have faith....

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