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Default Bimini supports through mooring cover.... Huh.... Leak? Go figure!

Does anyone have a solution to bimini supports that pass through the mooring cover when the boat is docked? I'm trying to come up with something that can be installed after-the-fact(ory). The factory cover has rather large cut-outs around the poles for the top, and of course the rain can run right into the boat. I've thought about buying some tennis balls or something maybe a little larger, cutting them in half, and then with a 1" hole drilled in the middle, slipping them around the poles to try and eliminate some of the water intrusion. If anyone has a suggestion, or if something has worked for them, I'm all ears. I don't really want to pay for a new cover with boots sewn into it until this cover needs replaced. I can't believe the factory didn't think of this, but then again, I can't believe trailer manufacturers put carpet on boat trailers! DUMB! Thanks for any help you can give me!

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Boating is about compromises. Can the bimini not be lowered? I understand the tonneau cover you have now is designed as such. Is it possible to lower the bimini frame and have a tonneau cover made that will cover without the need for cut-outs around the frame? Otherwise it is what it is. You have a conflict of two differnt styles of boat covering. It's either going to be tonneau cover and no bimini, or a Bimini that can closed up with a camper top. But half and half and you get a comprmise that lets water in the boat.

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I have what they call cuffs that wrap around the poles from my tonneau cover holes. They have a rubber edge to them. so not 100% water tight, but close enough.

I am sure a good canvas pwerson could rig you up something without breaking the bank.

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