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Default best marine battery replacement? optima?

Just bought a 2005 1800SR3, want to get it on the water!
I have only had jetskis in the past, this is my first boat. I want to replace the single battery, i have heard that optima makes a blue top marine grade batt. Any opinions? I don't want to worry about the standard acid filled battery currently in the boat leaking, etc.

As a side note, i have heard it is best to warm up the engine before changing the oil?
thanks in advance

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Batteries: Take a look at this thread:

Oil changes: Warming up the engine heats up the oil and makes it easier to drain. (Think of cold maple syrup vs. hot maple syrup). This makes sure that more of the old oil is drained out. Most boat engines can't be drained from the oil pan because you can't get a drain pan under there, so it needs to be sucked out the dipstick tube. Warm oil can be much more easily pumped up and out the diptstick tube than cold oil. There is also a theory that if there is any condensation internally, the moisture gets picked up as the engine is run and flushed out with the oil change. Every manual I own or have ever owned for an internal combustion engine that requires motor oil, recommends that the motor be run and warmed up before an oil change.
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