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Default Battery connection questions

I own a 1999 3000 SCR with 3 batteries and 2 battery switches. Both battery switches are 4 position: 1, 2, Both, and off. 1 battery (the House) is on the port side, the other two batteries (Starting) are on the starboard side. This is straight from the factory with no modifications. Here are my questions.

1. Is the "House" battery connected to the "Starting" battery bank and will it assist starting the boat when in the on postion? And is the starting batteries connected 1 start battery per switch per engine and would each start battery start both engines ?
2. While underway, how does the "House" and "Start" batteries charge with two battery switches? Do you need to be running only on the battery that you are charging when under way? Should the "House" battery switch be turned off?
3. When at anchor should the "Starting" battery switch be in off postion?
4. When at the dock and plugged into shore power does all batteries charge at the same time or does it depend on which battery is switched to? Should it be put in the "both" position or should the batteries be charged one at a time?
5. Do you use the "Both" postion only in an emergency or is there any other time it should be used?
6. Could the house battery be on a switch by itself?

Thank you for any help.
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I have the same battery switch my#1 is my starter my#2 is the house I use 2 trogan t105 I use it to start as well so my switch is on #2 and if I run my house down I switch to #1 to start that way I have a backup .you can put the switch on both if they both get low.A lot of guy up here run on there house all the time no switching just make sure you keep #1 charged as well
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