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Default Basic Start up Question - Back on the water.

Hi. I have a Maxum 1800sr with a 3.0 Mercruiser. Boat was serviced 2 seasons ago but has sat in my dry shed since using it briefly after its service. It has a quarter tank of fuel still in it from then.

I am wanting to take it back out but being advised it will need serviced again? I have checked the oil which is fine (Drive lube was a little low but now replenished), battery is now fully charge. Will the dirty fuel cause an issue or should it be fine?

Is there any basic things i should do to make the start up a little easier.....bearing in mind I have a limited understanding of engines.


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I should also say the boat has been winterised since.....

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My suggestion, based on recent experience, is to run it extremely well on muffs prior to putting it on water. My boat sat (outside and covered) without use since April 2012. I went through all the normal season start-up procedures and after putting her on the water 2 weeks ago I ended up with water in my oil, a LOT of water. Still waiting to find out from the mechanic what the source was. I'm preparing for a cracked block, but I'm hoping that one or several seals or gaskets have blown out after non-use for so long. Hindsight is 20/20 and running the engine longer on the muffs may have showed the water in the oil before hitting the lake, but maybe not. I only ran the engine long enough to get it up to temp, make sure everything was operating correctly, and then shut her down. Others on here may have more advice as well. Good luck!
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Running on muffs is an excellent idea. Also recommend change all fluids prior to starting it up. Change oil, filter, fuel filters, etc. If possible, drain gas and put fresh gas in. Starting with as much fresh/new stuff goes a long away into troubleshooting problems later.
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Oil and fuel both degrade after time (not just use) This is a good read -
“IF” you are going to keep the oil you have in there you might also want to pull the coil wire and crank it for a bit just to get the oil circulated through he top end again before actually firing it.
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Mark welcome aboard.

I recommend draining the old gas and start with fresh gas. Change the fuel filters, engine oil/filter, gear lube, and water pump impeller. The impeller will have taken a set after two years and it is not worth overheating and damaging the engine.

Run the engine using muffs on the outdrive to test it out before trailering to the water is a good idea. Also inspect repack the trailer bearings.

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