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Default Alarm When Starting

This is a new boat for me. Occasionally when I start the engine, I hear a loud alarm. When I had an outboard, that was typically the alarm that notified me my oil was low. All my guages are good. It started after I filled up with gas at the marina. Once I get speed going, the alarm goes off. Any help? Thanks.

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Does the alarm go off when you turn the key to Acces.? Does it stop after you start the engine? You should have a long constant tone to indicate that the alarm system is working properly when you turn the key to acc. In my old 454, this tone was constant until I started the boat. On my 496, it last about 5 seconds then turns off on it's own. This alarm should be present regardless of whether the engine is an inboard, I/O or outboard.

Is the alarm a constant tone, short beep, long beep, and if so, how many?

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If I read your post right the alarm is going until you get the boat actually moving and up to speed. It would help us to know your engine and drive make but this is a bit of a problem

On a merc, this alarm is temperature, oil, or drive oil. My guess would be your drive oil is low and when you get warmed up and moving the heat pushes a little more oil back into the gear oil reservoir and turns the alarm off. The alarm sensor is actually in the reservoir so that would be my first place to check.

Next check your oil and your temp (although temp probably isn't it as there is no "cold" alarm and it gets better) Could be oil pressure as with RPM's the pressure would increase.
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Like Shrew said.....if the alarm is still sounding AFTER the engine is is trying to tell you something.
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