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Default Adding drive oil

I noticed my drive oil for my B3 was about 1/8 lower then the full mark for the first time, But I've had some drips on top of the cap where the reservoir cap has the breather hole.

Its it normal to add drive oil?

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Nope. Drive oil doesn't burn off.

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Mine will go up and down a bit I would only add if it gets to the low line.If you add to much it pushes out the cap not to worry
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The only thing I can say with my B2's.......... in the spring the level will drop little bit after the first couple of runs...after being drained and refilled from the previous lay-up.

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No worries as long as it's not a large amount. I always add a small amount of gear lube and engine oil during the season. Don't overfill either. If the alarms go off, that may indicate a problem....
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well..think about what goes on inside a gear add another gear box down in the water....theres a lot of places that can use, leak, spew or just plain disapper....with that oil unless it's leaking out...and you see it in the water(oil sheen)...then adding drive oil is just replacing what the drive is's thick and smelly for a you can identify a leak quickly and also to provide good lubrication to those gears and bearings that take the extreme loads from hp/torque...

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On our B3 (upper is the same on all Bravos), we have had to add some from time to time. I know of others with B3 and B2 drives that notice their levels go down as well.

My theory is that a bit slips past the shaft seal when under load. Drive heats up, fluid viscosity goes down. If my theory is correct, a transom shower would help.

One of the upsides of the Mercruisers over Volvos is the drive reservoir with it's piercing alarm. Even when the level hits the alarm stage, the drive itself is still completely full.

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