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Default A Lot of Bounce

I am new to the inboard--Maxum 1900 SR. The bow 'bounces' a lot, even in fairly calm water. I thought when I got a bigger boat (used to have 16ft outboard) it would 'cut' the waves better, and provide less bump. Can I improve this with trim, or other driving tips?

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yep..either put the drive down....or if you have trim tabs...lower those just a bit....don't have to be much..what your describing is "porposing..."


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Check on installing smart tabs. It was the best $120.00 I have spent on my boat. Easy to install and made my boat ride likr a much bigger boat.
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Ditto on both replies above. What you're describing sounds like 'porposing'. This would be the case regardless of whether you have an inboard, I/O or outboard. The drive is trimmed too far out (up) and the trim angle. along with wves if forcing the bow up too high, eventually gravity takes effect and the bow drops again. Then the drive forces teh bow up again.

Trim down to see if that helps. Consider tabs as well.
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If your getting that kind of bounce in calm water you definatley have the drives up to far.

If you just happen to boat in rough waters some of that your not going to fix, just keep the drives all the way down. During the right season, with a little wind, and other wakes from boats my 6 ton 36 foot boat can can't fix it all.

Now in rough water I learned a trick with my old 24ft boat that got me through really rough water without beating the tar our of my passengers.

I would get the boat just to the point where it would be ready to come on plane. Then trim up my motors just a touch, this would further raise by bow giving the bulk of the V hull of the boat cutting through the water and making sure the bow wasn't splashing the water. It's not fast but it's comfortable when it's rough.
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Good advice above in all previous posts. Only thing that I would add is that if you have some people aboard and they are all sitting in the cockpit / stern move some up to the bow. Putting some weight forward helps smooth it least in my experience.

Good luck.

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