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Default a couple of questions

Well, it's almost time to put her in. I have not given up on putting my boat name on the trunk lid of my 2700 SCR.
I was told it probably would not stick to Star-board, but what if I took some fine grit sand-paper and made it a little smoother. Would that work?

Also, I would like to make a chart rack and screw it to the outside wall of the bathroom. Any reccomendations on
what to use to mount it? I don't want long screws sticking out in the head.

Thanks All.

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The type of plastic is probably more of an issue than the texture. One thing I have done in the past to get vinyl to stick to some plastics is to use contact cement. Mask off the area that is not covered by the letter (nice if you have the negative from the vinyl cutter) and spray with contact cement. Let dry and then apply the vinyl. Just a thought.

1998 2700 SCR
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Boat Name:
Rather than tryign to figure out how to get the boat name to adhere to the material currently in place, why not consider making a mounting plate. Drill and screw or bolt a 'placard' to the starboard which WILL allow the name to be adhered to the placard rather than the starboard. Think of the older wooden boats that carve the boat name into a wooden sign, then mount the sign on the transom, rather than carving or painting the transom itself.

Chart Rack:
The door is thin. You can screw a rack into the door, however I'm a big fan of through bolting things with a nylon lock nut on the backside. Vibration and pounding have a way of making things work loose over time.
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