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Default 2400se - can a Bravo 3replace the Alpha one..

Hi, Just wondering if anybody out there might know....I have a 2400se with an Alpha 1-can a Bravo 3 be put on as a replacement? The boat has a 5 litre 220HP engine. When I see the same boat in various ads for sale some have Bravo 3's. I thought these weren't available. Mine may need replacing, just wonder if it would make sense to go with a Bravo 3 or are they only suited for the 260HP motors?

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First of all ...welcome to the website Tim...there are alot of great people here with alot of good boating knowledge. Have fun!

Now to answer your question. You probably can.$$$$$$..... but boy you are going to spend a bunch money doing so. I hope others chime in here but I think you will have to start from scratch on the outside and then pull the engine because of the bigger spline for a bigger coupler.

I am no expert here but Imho I would stay with the alpha or sell your boat and hunt for a b3 drive already attached to something you like.

Good luck and welcome


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Agree, go test drive the same boat with the B3 and see if there is a difference.

Please love the Alpha-1 because they can pick them up for $500 and replace them every two seasons.
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You guys are a great help! I'm glad I registered, thank you. I look forward to getting more good advice and sharing some of my experiences as well. This is my first time on a forum, I think it's going to be very beneficial! I also think it best to stick with manufacturer's matching. I've tried deviating from manufacturer specs before with other boats but always found nothing worked as good as original. Cheers. Tim
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Im so glad I checked out this post.... when I was on the hunt to purchase a boat last fall there was a lot of them with Bravo 3's...I always wondered!!! .. if anything ever happened if it makes sense to change it over ... Guess not !!! ..
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It wouldn't be worth it. The B3 is a much heavier drive than the Alpha I and significantly more money to replace. I'm not sure if the B3 is a direct bolt on to the transom assembly. I assume that you'd need to replace the entire transom assembly. Then you would need to do some engine work. The B3 has the water pump on the engine, the Alpha I the impellor is in the drive itself. The B3 is really meant for high HP and torque engines. You don't need the B3 for a 5.0.

I'd save the time, money and weight. You could replace 3 Alpha I's for the cost of a B3. If it has it that is one, thing but there are much better places to spend money on a boat than that conversion.
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I have my bravo 3 off my 2400scr if you need a photo or spec I will send it to you???The bravo 3 is great

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