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Default 2300 scr 9 questions

G'day folks, few questions for my new (used) Maxum 2300 scr:
1. Where is the holding tank and can i easily access it? The tank itself, not the pump access port. Guessing under the toilet or helm..
2. Where is the tank outflow seacock, i just wanna make sure it is CLOSED (keep seeing mention of it re: jabsco but I don't see it ..found the inflow, just not the outflow)
3. Did you guys get ONE post for the cabin table that is meant to share with the rear 'patio' table? Or did you guys have 2? Regardless - any tips for where I could get a second post?
4. There is only the starter (ignition) key and its spare, if i wanted keys for the side compartment and the cabin door, i think someone on here mentioned a serial number I could take to a locksmith, but I can't find a number on there..?
5 Have you guys had water just in the cabin underseat compartments? Funny there would not be a small drain to the hull/keel which would flow to the engine compartment bilge? Any idea where that water might come from, besides the topside windows?
6 Any trick to keep the engine compartment door 'up', fell a few times on my head, am since using a gaff pole to hold it up, considering using a aligator clip but thought there 'must' be a mechanism to do it. Surprised there wasn't a swing out pole like there is for my car.
7 Any way to get my engine/throttle to make the boat go VERY slow? I am going in too fast into my slip BUT when using short bursts, the wind/current catches me between bursts..I find the slowest speed too fast - which brings me in too quick - like trying to park your car at 30 MPH!
8 How old are your batteries and how do you know there are near dead..starting fine - but how would I know ahead of a 6 day trip if the battery might on its last legs
9 Gonna have the service dept replace my impeller in the spring, since that involves taking the outdrive apart, should they look for/do anything else while digging around in there? Bellows? Gimbal? Trim sends other?

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1. not sure about your model but my holding tank is in the engine compartment.
2. You may not have a pumpout (seacock) equipped boat as this was an option.
3. My boat came with one for the cabin table and one for the cockpit table.
4. The number is on the key, a locksmith should be able to remove the cylinder and make a key based on the tumblers.
5. My boat has a forward bilge pump.
6. Replace the gas lifts, should have a part number on them. Auto stores carry them.
7. What is the idle rpm? May be too high. should be 650 rpm.
8. Batteries last 3 - 5 years, have them load tested at an auto store.
9. How old are the bellows? If more than 5 years yes replace them, the shift cable, gimbal bearing and trim senders.
1997 2400 SCR
5.7 Vortec / Bravo 2
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