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Default 2006 2600 SE Shifter Issue

Hi Everybody
Bought a 2006 2600 with a Bravo 3 outdrive (my last boat had an Alpha drive) this past fall, didn't get a chance to get it out then due to weather and what not. Anyway finally got chance to try it out late May found it was very hard to shift especially when going into reverse. It is so bad that I have to put so much pressure on the throttle that I sometime go past the indent which causes a surge in power in reverse. Which as you can imaging creates problems when trying to get into a tight slip. I have been told by my mechanic that Bravo 3 are inherently hard to shift. He does say mine seems to be a little worse than normal and I might be able to cure some of that issue with new cables. I am trying to find out if this is typical of Bravo 3s and if other Maxum Bravo 3 owners have the same issue.

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Hi Bryant,
I have a 2007 2700SE and I have to say I don't have the issue you describe, in fact it's quite a smooth movement.

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Time for new cables or trace them and make sure they are not being pinched by something.

I've owned many B3's and they are not inherently hard to shift.

SE's rule

Love mine.
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All three standard Bravos use the same upper cone clutch and are only hard to shift if the engine is not running.

Try disconnecting the lower shift cable and see if the throttle/shifter move freely. Then try shifting the lower shift cable by hand. If either are hard itís time to replace the cables.
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Thanks for all the great responses. Did check the cables after disconnecting and they are hard to move , checked the cable runs and didn't see any obvious kinks or binds. Still wasn't sure if Bravos were hard to shift as a rule, so thanks for letting me know that hard shifting is not normal. Taking your advice and having the cables replaced.
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