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Default 2000 2800 scr

Hello everyone! I am a recently new and excited owner of a 2000 2800 SCR. I am opening to hearing anyone pointer/tips/ideas/upgrades etc. that you have done to your boat. I am ready to get her in the water in the next month once we install the new Bravo III outdrive. Thanks!

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Welcome aboard!
First recommendation would be to totally farmiliarize yourself with as many of the systems, layout and features that you have onboard.
Grab a flashlight, and prepare to get a bit dirty, open every compartment, dive into the ER, bilge, etc and seek to understand what every bit onboard does.
Getting to know your boat and asking the questions here will help avoid any unpleasant situations in the future.

Ex: You stated you are waiting on the BIII drive. If in salt water, I will contribute watch for corrosion and be prepared to swap out you anodes regularly to protect that investment...

Bring the questions... We all would love to contribute from the security of our respective armchairs. 8-)

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Thanks for the warm welcome! I have actually had her for about a year now as my Dad and I have rebuild the 454 big block to the book and am waiting to finish rebuilding the gimble assembly before installing the BIII drive. We are in brackish water (Eastern VA) and will be in the bay a lot as well. The good thing is she will live her life on a lift when not out on the water. Hopefully that will keep the BIII drive happy for a long time. We have become very familiar and are getting antsy to get her in the water.

There were some minor rainwater leaks that I have seemed to seal up but have some decent water stains. I have tried some stain removers but can’t seem to find the right product to really get her cleaned up. Any thoughts?

Also, looking to rip out the interior carpet flooring and install IVP teak flooring. Has anyone done this before? If so, can you provide some input?

Thanks in Advance!

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Where in the 757 are you? My 3200 is on blocks in Chesapeake and spends the summer in Norfolk.
I would set yourself up with a flushing system, even with it staying on the lift.
As for the stains, I just took a panel out of mine with a lot of water stains. I used this mold stain eraser powder I got at Home Depot a while ago and a lot of water. For doing this in the boat, you’ll probably also need a lot of water to wash the dirt out and the wet dry vac to suck it all up before it gets too messy...
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