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Default 1998 2300 SC Captains Seat

Im a guy who loves to stand when driving my boat. I cannot sit. I like to be able to see what Im approaching. Logs, Trees, Swimmers,.....whatever.

On my 2300 SC the captains chair is HUGE. I can barely stand between the helm and the seat. And if I need to exit the helm area, Im usually tripping over the steps to the bow and barely get out without causing safety issues.

I know you can make an adjustment to it.....but even with the seat in the "far back" setting.....its still horrible. This is the worst erogonomic design Ive ever seen. This has to be a mistake.

Does anyone else have this issue? The seat looks amazing and fits the boat so well......Id hate to remove it for some cheap looking seat that does not match the interior....but Ill take safety and agility over looks.

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Are you sure it's back all the way. Mine never got in my way on my previous 2300 SC.

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Just got under this today and yes, its all the way back. The bracket looks original, the seat base looks like its screwed to the deck in the original location as well.

Im thin as a rail and cannot comfortably stand between wheel & seat.

I have two options I guess, try and offset the bracket on the bottom of the seat...or install a new seat. Offsetting it worries me a bit due to the balance point changing.
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Many of the higher end seats have a fold up section to give more space when standing. Since you like the way this seat fits the boat, maybe a shop could retrofit the seat with a fold up bolster?
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