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Default Maxum 3300SE hull warranty

Hello all, I'm new here and have a question I need some clarification on. Can someone tell me what the hull warranty is on a 2003 3300SE? I've read it has a 5 year limited hull and deck warranty and I've also read it has a 5 year deck warranty and a limited lifetime hull warranty to the original purchaser. Can someone please tell me which it is? I'm hoping its the lifetime hull warranty. I bought the boat new in 2004 and had it hauled out every fall by the dealer and in 2007 when they lowered it down on the blocks the hull cracked. They repaired it under warranty and launched the boat in the spring of 2008. In the fall of 08 I moved to a waterfront home with my own private dock several hours away from the dealer so having them haul the boat was no longer an economical option. I wanted to have the local marina haul and winterize it but by the time they could get it was already mid January of 2009. The boat spent the winter of 2008 and 2009 in the water and finally came out December of 2010. It was blocked and stored on land but the marina ran out of blocks so it was sitting low to the ground. The keel was only about 6 inches of the ground. I requested the boat be bottom painetd and launched in time for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday. The boat was too low to the ground to be bottom painted so the marina lifted the boat using the travel lift. They added more blocks to raise the boat higher off the ground so it could be painted and when they lowered it back down the hull cracked again in the same spot. Either they didn't repair the hull correctly or there is a design flaw in the hull. Needless to say I'm looking at another hull repair but I'm wondering is it going to be covered under warranty or am I on the hook for the repair this time.

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first off..welcome to the zoo.....2nd off...
wow..that's wild.....I would call maxum itself....well..actually USmarine..

they can answer your questions better than any of us......
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