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Default Heater / Air condtioner breaker trips

Hi all
Just put my 2001 3300 scr in the water this past weekend for another season of boating
on Lake Erie.
the heater was working fine all day Friday but Saturday it triped out the breaker .
The breaker would continue to trip everytime it tried to start up. The blower fan works perfectly. There is no water coming from the discharge. Does anyone know what the most likely cause is ?
Next weekend I will take some tools with me and make sure the seacock is clear.
Any help would be great.


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Not sure if I have the same problem on my 2001 2900 SCR, but the little 7,000 btu heat pump occasionally needs to be "blown out" between the pump (located in the engine compartment, JUST before the wall seperating the mid-berth) and the Dometic Heat Pump up under the V-berth. I literally have to disconnect the hose from the pump's output (hose clamp, etc...) and blow super hard through the hose all the way up to where it discharges out the bow. I've been told by people that watch me do it that occasionally a large clump of anti-freeze-looking goop spurts out, could be that this early in the season that's your problem. In fact I have to do this so often (3-4 times a season it seams) that I've contemplated rigging in a "Y-Splitter" type valve and shut-off so I don't have to keep removing the hose clamp from the pump's output!

Jeff Means
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sounds like your pump lost prime and caused an overheat.....which trips the up the heater...shuve a hose into the discharge and see if that doesn't fix it.....

on second thought it could also be low freon ....might wanna have a service tech come out and check it out...
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