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Unhappy Glenndining's automatic syncronizer

Good morning - We are excited owners of a new to us 1998 Maxum 3700 SCR. Our last two boats (which we still own ) have been Regals and we really like them but found a great deal on a large boat to leave on Lake Norman (Charlotte, NC).

The boat has twin 7.4's but no sync gauge so I have two options.

1. Add a sync gauge. Any recommendations for a 1998 7.4 MPI's?

2. Install a Glendinning automatic synchronizer? Does anyone have any experience with auto syncs?

Also, how much fuel should I expect to burn at +-1500 rpm and +-4000 rpm?

David & Carol

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On a gas engine the rough formula for estimated fuel consumption is:

Est. Fuel Consumption (@ WOT) = (HP x 0.425)\6.2

0.425 = Estimated lbs of fuel burned per 1 HP
6.2 = Average lbs/gal of gasoline (Note that gasoline expands in higher temps and contracts at lower temps. Since a Gal. is a unit of volume and LB is consant, the weight a Gal. will vary slightly due to temp. variations. 6.2lb is an average weight of Gas)

7.4 MPI
HP = 310
Max RPM Range = 4200 - 4600

HP = 385
Max RPM Range = 4600 - 5000

I strongly suspect that you have the 7.4 MPI and not the 7.4 MAG MPI.

(310 x 0.425)\6.2 = 21.25 GPH @ WOT. You can roughly estimate the decrease in fuel consumption in correlation to the decrease in average RPM's. So, if the Max RPM is roughly 4400, then if you are running at 3300 RPM, then you are at 75% of the max rpm range.

21.25 GPH x .75 = 15.93 GPH

So at 3300 RPM's the total fuel consumption for both engines would be approximately 31.875 GPH. Again, these are rough estimates. How well the engine is in tune, ambient air temps and sea states will all cause variation in the actual numbers. This should be close enouugh for jazz, blues and government work. Also keep in mind that the fuel consumption is a curve and does vary slightly between certain RPM ranges. So 50% RPM will not be exactly half the consumption of WOT. However (again) it will be close for general consumption and range estimations.

I hope this bit helps.

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