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Default 3300 scr cooler

does anyone use the storage compartment behind the captains seat? it seems poorly insulated to be a cooler. just wondering if anyone uses it for something else.

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when I had my 2700 was absolutely useless for ice melted faster than I could put it had thought seriously of spraying on that canned insulation foam'd have to make a cardboard coffer dam under it with duct tape...and then spray this stuff in and let it expand...that would have helped tremendously...but I sold the boat before I could get that mod done...


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I use it to store my dock lines.
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I've stored ice in it before. It is directly above my head (mellon, not toilet) when I sleep in the mid cabin. At night, I can hear the ice shifting as it melts. It drives me crazy. As stated, it's uninsulated. I'm sure insulation would muffle teh noise as well as the fasst melting ice. If you want to store something other than ice, you can barely fit a 6pack in there. It's essentially useless. We store limes and mint in there (Mojitos) and use the top for a bar. We line bottles of booze behind it (between the helm seat and the cooler). It makes a great bar.
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I'm late to this party but the 3300 has a decent sized cooler behind the captain chairs. Last year I put my dock lines in there but this year I've started it for cooler storage. The key for me was using a cork and shutting down the drain hole until I was ready for it to drain. I can keep a case of bottles cold for about 16 hours. It's never used for overnight but when were headed out for a day of drinking in the cove it's perfect.
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Yeah the maxum engineers missed that day in school that covered insulation of an i-c-e-b-o-x. That box melts ice faster than a lion eats baby zebra's!
I use the lid put my 34 qt cooler on it and keep it there with some of that antiskid mat it fits perfect and more importantly the cappy can reach it for a cold barley pop from the helm :-)
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I took a piece of solid foam insulation (the type used to insulate basement walls) and cut it to fit just inside the cooler opening. I fastened it to the lid so that it makes an interlocking seal when closed. It helped a great deal and extended the ice life considerably. I also attached a fid to the top of the lid so I can rest a standard cooler on top.

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