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Lt. JG
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Default Smart Tab SX Install 1800 SR

Seeing as everyone that rides on my boat NEVER wants to ride in the bow...I decided to install smart tabs to help with bow rise during acceleration. I have yet to field test however I am pretty excited for this weekend.

I had to mount them a little closer to the outdrive than the recommended 3-5" from the outer edge of the boat as the transom on the 1800 has a recess for the swim ladder and the mounting plate wouldnt sit flat/flush. You can actually see a shadow of the two angles that have been molded into the fiberglass in the first picture. I called Nauticus before installing and they advised that the mounting plate should be completely flat and not span any type of gap or dip in the transom.

Some crappy pics to give you an idea.


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Awesome, hope they make a significant difference. Should help keep the bow down resulting in a more comfortable ride up front.


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I tested them out last weekend and WOW. What a difference!! These are by far the best investment I have made. I can stay on plane at a much slower speed and I am getting up onto plane much quicker. Bow rise is almost completely gone and I can trim way up on plane as before for higher speed on smooth water. No loss in MPH at all. The ride is smoother over chop. HOWEVER I will say that there is one draw back....when the boat is unevenly weighted you notice it MUCH more. This is an easy fix (move some people around) however it is something that should be noted. It gave me a good scare the first time I took off with too many people on one side.
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