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Default anchor for 2000 sr 2007

I am buying a boat today. Need a anchor for 2000sr from 2007. Compartment is empty but holders for anchor do not line up. Salesman says just get mushroom or Danbarry. they don't fit so will rattle around. What belongs in there. They have several of those boats all with empty anchor locckers. Help please. 513-829-2929

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Hi, and welcome to the site!!! First off, I would stop taking advice from the salesperson. A mushrom anchor is all but useless with the excpetion of a 12 ft. aluminum rowboat, and even then only in calm conditions. A Danforth if probably one of the most common anchors, but Dan Barry will not be happy if he has to hold your boat in place for more than a few minutes.....particularly if you don't have an anchor.

What belongs in your anchor locker is an achor and the anchor line. Danforth's are popular because they are basically flat and will lay ontop of your anchor line and fit nicely into the anchor locker.

The key questions are:

1) What is the bottom like in the areas you plan to anchor?

2) What is the wind, wave, currents, and/or tides like in the area you're achoring?

3) What will you be doing when you're anchoring?

4) How long do you intend to anchor?

Most folks want to pull up to a beach or sandbar, toss out the anchor and swim and enjoy the day. For that boat, the most common would be a Danforth. They hold very well in a single direction. Most folks get a second much smaller danforth and back up to the beach. The larger anchor goes off the bow and the second smaller anchor goes off the stern and holds the stern to the beach and the bow towards the open water.

Stay away from Mushroom anchors, grapnel anchors, whacky box anchors.

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The real question is what anchor fits the holder in anchor locker. I dont use a anchor but for safety need one. Boat at local lakes in Ohio and Ky./ Tenn. The holders do not line up. Its like Maxum had a special one for the boat. Called Dealer and no boat comes with a anchor. Just dont want 1 rattling around in my new boat!
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Yes Everything that shrew has said is correct.

Have you taken a safe boating course? If not all this info is discussed in the class.

Besides the dansforth info you should have atleast 3 or 4 feet of chain attached to your rope( this is called rode) and that should be atleast 150 feet. Anchor, chain and rope.

How much do you use? Well to figure all this out you have figure out the scope. Add the depth of the water and your your freeboard (which is the height from your waterline to the top edge of your boat) and then you multiply times 5 or 7 or more if windy conditions are there.

Example: your boat is in 10 feet of water, you have 5 feet of freeboard, add the both and it equals 15 feet. Then X 7( your scope) = 105 feet of rope to pay out to be anchored.

Now you might get by with only using a scope of 5 instead and that would be only 75 feet of rode.

What is on the bottom of where your going to be anchored is what you want to know.

And yes that salesman was an idiot! If you have a marine store near by check it out for these supplies or go online and spend any amount of money you want. Overton's usually has a combo anchor chain and rope for under $30.00 that would work for you.

Hope this helps you!

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Can't add anything to this one cept welcome to the zoo!

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