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Default 2400 SR3 Cavitating

Hi Guys,

Reaching out to you from Down Under.

My 2400 SR3 boat is cavitating and we can't seem to find the problem. Mechanic originally thought it was gears issue but we borrowed and swapped a leg. Worked perfectly.

So, gears and clutch replaced with new parts and original leg replaced. But it didn't fix the problem. I'm down about $4,000 and months of stress trying to fix the issue but to no avail.

Any ideas/thoughts?

Thanking you in advance.
Jim D

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Cavitation has nothing to do with clutch or gear slippage but instead with the drive and or hull. What engine and drive do you have? What prop? How are you trimming the drive? Does this happen all the time or only under certain conditions? Can you post some pictures of the drive and transom area?

1997 2400 SCR
5.7 Vortec / Bravo 2

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If the RPMs are jumping up (like slipping) as you get on plane look for a slipped prop hub. There are many different designs. All allow the prop to “slip” under extreme loads (aka hitting something). But since most utilize rubber compounds, they can start slipping due to age or fatigue.

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Thank you for your replies.

We checked all the rubbers, coupling etc they are fine. We went to he level of borrowing a Brovo II leg and she worked perfectly.

In regards the engine it's a MAG 350, 5.7L with a Bravo I leg. Propeller is a three blade, 19 inch. The boat is in the water on a mooring so I don't have any pics.

The mechanic is going to try another prop and see what that does.

I will keep you updated but thanks again for your responses.

Cheers, Jim
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Did you swap out the outdrive, and transfer the old prop to the borrowed outdrive??

Is the engine aligned properly?

The most common cause of this would be the prop.
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