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Default 2001 2100 SC Twin Batteries

Looking for some help please from those that have done all this before?

I've searched the forum and You Tube and am now completely confused. I have a 2001 2100 SC and want to add an additional "house" battery but I really don't understand how to hook it up?

She's one engine and one battery currently with a battery kill switch in place. I have traced the wires as much as possible and it looks like the largest red wire form goes to the starter via the kill switch and the smaller is the loom. The largest black wire goes to the engine block and the smaller to the trim pump.

The trailer trim switch and bilge bump are the only two things powered when the kill switch is off.

So my questions are :

Does the new battery switch replace the kill switch? The new switch is a Perko 1-2 Both and Off style switch.

I understand the started is connected to the "common" pole on the switch but where dos every thing else go?

Any guidance and or pictures would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Are you really looking to add a house battery to power accessories or a redundant battery for starting?

For a boat this size a house battery is typically not used.

For adding a second battery all the wires on the Common terminal now go to the common terminal on the new switch. All the wires on the other terminal of the kill switch will go to terminal one of the new switch. The positive of the new second battery will go to terminal two of the new switch.

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The 2300sc has a twin battery set up but they are in parallel. So perhaps not what you are after. Its fairly easy to set up though. I'll post some pics later if that helps.
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To add a second battery it should be very easy. You probably have an ON/OFF isolator switch now. By an 1/2/OFF isolator switch. Install your second battery. Connect the Negative posts of the two batteries together. The ON/OFF switch has two poles on the backside (ON & 'OUT') which will be POsitive. Connect OUT leg to the new switch. Connect the ON leg to Battery 1. Connect the new battery positive to the Battery 2 pole on the new switch.

Now Battery one is Start and Battery 2 is house. Simple.
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here is what you want --->

follow the instructions in the package and you are good to go... I have this kit on my boat and it works perfectly!!
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