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Default 2000SR 4.3L slow acceleration

New to site and first post. My 1995 Maxum 2000SR has a 4.3L. It is rater slow to accelerate. I need to slowly increase throttle or else it bogs down and doesn't want to go. I need to slowly creep it up to top speed which is running at 4k RPM and 40MPH. Is this normal top speed and RPM or is something holding me back? Fuel issue maybe?

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Welcome aboard

WOT should be 4400-4800. How long have you owned the boat and has it always been this way?

Has the engine been tuned? Maybe time for a carb rebuild if never done.

Have you checked for water in the fuel?

After all that perform a compression test.

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Thanks for reply. Just bought last year and yes the previous owner said throttle was touchy. Need to bring up gradually. Not sure on carb but will get that checked. Fuel looks clean. I was thinking this 4.3l should run at least 45-50 mph if everything in good working condition. Prop not the best either.
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Fuel makes all the difference in my 3.0. I normally run non-ethanol gas with an octane booster to bring it to 90 octane. Starts, runs, and shuts down very smoothly. When I have to use ethanol gas, my engine is sluggish between 800-2000 rpm and is not as smooth at higher rpm. Does your engine run-on (diesel) when you shut it down? What size prop do you have? 4K rpm WOT could well be a fuel/fuel management issue, but you may be over-propped. Odd part is that you should have higher top speed if over-propped. Likely a combination of minor problems that are easily fixed.
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Welcome aboard.
I was having a similar problem with my 3200SCR I could not get one engine above 3400 rpm's and had to bring her up slow she was a dog.
I replaced the spark plugs fuel filter and adjusted the timing a little bit she was about 2.5 degrees out and now she runs like a champ she cranks up to wot in about 7 seconds.
I would recommend starting there.
Good luck and keep us posted as to what you find.
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An oversized prop would be slow to plane and low max rpm as well. What is the size and pitch of the prop?

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