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Default 1996 weight specs available?

Hello. I have a new to me 1996 2000 SLR. I would like to know how much it weighs. The only spec I can find online is not engine specific, and I doubt it applies to me as I have the merc 5.0.
Does anyone know the actual weight, or is there an online resource that will list it?

Also, I have the original single axle trailer that was sold with the boat, branded Maxum, made by Escort. Is there anywhere to find gvwr rating, and the actual unladen trailer weight online? Thanks in advance.

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check, I believe it has the info you are looking for.

2006 Bayliner BR205
A1 Gen 2 1.47
5.0 carb engine
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Thanks. That seems to list the same as I have found previously. 2700 lbs, but no mention of which motor. If that is for the base 4cyl, I wonder what additional weight the 5.0 has?
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Sorry to resurrect an old post but I thought this might be helpful for anyone else searching.

My boat is a 1998 Maxum 1800SR Engine
  • Product Line: MERCRUISER
  • Year: 1996
  • H.P: 4.3LX
  • Model Number: 443LC00JT
  • Model Description: 4.3 LX/LXH ALPHA AND BRAVO (GEN +)

Its weight with a full tank (~100Litres?) and trailer came to exactly 1550KG on a weighbridge.

I had difficulty finding this online when purchasing the boat.. My car was rated to tow 1350KG.. Guess who had to change their car?.. booo!
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