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Default Small Project

Too windy to go out this weekend, so decided on a little boat project.

While on holiday in US I did some SkySki riding, and found it so much easier strapping into a SkySki on the swim platform, however the dimpled swim platform on my Maxum while great for bare feet, is like a skating rink for the underside on my SkySkki or a wakeboard.

I did look at a custom non-slip pads, but they are darn expensive. Decided instead to create 2 non-slip pads using product supplied by Treadmaster ... at only a 1/3rd of custom pad price.

First off I had to deal with the dimples .. which could prevent good adhesion of the mat ... so sanded them to take the 'tops' off, then applied a 'skim' coat of epoxy resin to give me a flat surface.

The Epoxy resin that Treadmaster supply is 2-piperazin-1-ylethylamine Polyethylenimine ... which is a hell of a name for a product.
What an incredible smell ... almost takes the breath away, smells like a cat has p***ed on hot coals.

Floated it on,
and that gave a flat surface for fixing on the Treadmaster pads 24 Hrs later - using same resin.

Step 2 ..
Left it overnight, now cut my Treadmaster pads to size, having first made a paper template, and with another pot of resin glued it down ...
End result is :

Pretty pleased with what it looks like, canít wait to get out and try it out.

Just glad I had a box of disposable gloves ...... would be very easy to get in a serious mess.

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he included some links to some photo's ...looks like a neat job..

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click on the links ... it will then show you the pics
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