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Default Repaint Outdrive ?

I recently purchased a 2400 SE ... she sat in the water a couple of years and the out-drive needs some TLC.

It looks like just a light sanding and some paint will do the trick .... any helpful hints ??

Thanks !

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Mercruiser do a touch up paint and spray, no idea if a primer is need though, and dont paint over the anodes

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First welcome to the website Wild Bill!.............. Congrats on your new baby............If it is a complete wreck where you are all the way down to the bare metal in alot of places............I would sand everything down to bare metal and then use an epoxy paint system.

The spray paint is nice for the little spots but if you don't get a good bite on the metal you will keep having to spray cause it well not stick to the metal. So in order to get the spray paint to stick a primer epoxy is needed.

I use to get Trailer Boats Magazine and they did a great write up about doing just this and the outdrive turned out great. I hope the paint experts chime in here soon and maybe give you some brand names to look for.

Good Luck and pictures please!

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Lt. JG
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I don't think I need to take it all the way down to the metal ..... it does need a new set of stickers and paint for sure though.

I was just hoping to get some helpful hints from people that have tried it before or are experienced.

We can't wait for Spring to get here so we can do some boat camping in the Puget Sound and San Juan Islands !!

Thanks Again !
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ah...welcome to the zoo...and to the wild salish sea....where are you boating at??...we're at dagmars landing...

it's easy to do the drive but care should be taken ....first off...sanding down to bare metal depends on how badly the paint and drive is pitted...if the drive is pitted, it will need to be sanded/bonded and filled..then sanded back to smooth....from there you will need to use a chromate primer...then the merc black sure to mask off everything around the drive as it will get everywhere....

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I have no idea how bad yours is but mine looked pretty shabby also and all it took was about 15 minutes with some LIME-AWAY and its looks brand new again. Just a thought..

Money pit or not..... you got to love 'em! ~ Darren
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