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Default Contemplation of Winter Projects

As the temp has changed 30 degree's it's obvious that the sun is setting on my summer. While we still have many a weekend the fact I still have small children we also realize the lack of water sports cuts a little of those days short.

Along with this the last few weeks have seen my absolute refusal to work on anything to enjoy the last few weeks of summer boating before starting the living hell of winter. To make this winter a little more palatable I've saved some of this work for the dark days that lie before me. To make me enjoy the winter even more my old girl has decided to show me a few more things that will need to be fixed. (awfully nice of her isn't it)

So here I begin my laundry list of winter mods and fixes and the ensuing pissing away of cash that will follow:

1. Generator water pump actually broke off and I have water in the crank case. Replacing the entire pump this week and then will start the 5 oil change process to get back to oil staying black.

2. As addressed in my begging thread....the port side bench seat is being thrown in the lake as I attempt to copy everything I can from Bella Sera. (don't worry my friend I don't have the patience or intelligence to actually recreate your cool mods-----damn you)

3. The helm seat is also being replaced to provide a better angle to the water without standing up.

4. DC Plugs are being installed in the aft cabin, V-berth, as well as in the transom storage area. The cabin will power fans for those hot days when kids or mom want to take a nap. The transom is to power a pump to keep the inflatables up without trouncing them through my cockpit.

5. Trim Solonoid on the startboard side needs replaced.

6. Need new solution for cup holders in cockpit.

7. Replacing stereo to allow for play from our phones.

8. Need to rebuild or replace the toilet pump as it's starting to leak a little.

9. Going to find someway to better mount the tv in the kitchen. (I'd love to copy Bella but refer to footnotes on item #2 - probably be some plywood duct tape and bailing wire).

10. Must find a way to get my fat ass in the bilge to replace that pump. Or hire very mal-nutritioned midget (sorry little person) to dunk in there head first.

11. Also have many dock fixes for the winter and some lighting changes.

12. Finish my led project on lights.

13. Re-wire cockpit fan to the Aux-switch on the dash.

14. Continue my dream that nu-teak changes their pricing structure to $5 a square foot so I can replace all my carpet.

15. Lastly have two "Liberal think tank" stickers finished for the waste pump out and promptly ship one to Bella.

I'm sure there is more to come. Nevermind the eventual winterization, oil, and impeller changes.

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Tackle, as per #2, on your port seat, I see bella has removed the upper back portion from the side of the boat. It appears that his mounts(screws, brackets, or whatever) are not there and the fiberglass has been repaired. I do like the bella option of the two chairs, as you can take them right out to the dock, or move them around. I am sure I have mentioned my quick fix of putting a small stainless fold dowm leg under the center of the bottom seat. Completely changed the seat from a floppy piece of crap to a very stable unit. Just trying to save a little fiberglass work if necessary.....

per your tv currently mounted in the forward berth on a swivel extend arm? On my 94 the stock tv was a pathectic 9" inside the cabinet above the range.....removed all that (TV/VCR) and mounted a insignia(many, many different to choose from) tv/dvd on an extend swivel arm. Can be watched from table area or swing to watch from berth area.

just throwin out ideas.........jesse

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Thanks Jesse,

On the chairs I've already done the middle table leg last year and while it helped my problem is that it is now coming away from the fiberglass and pulling out of the seat and not doing well on the fiber. Removing that hardware will leave a few small marks and honestly will be saved for the next time I destroy something else. I'll live with the small holes for the moment over that damn seat.

On the TV thats basically what I need to do. I had the same TV with the screen the size of my phone. It's all gone and now a flat screen is propped into that hole but not really mounted. Going to go for a swivel mount since I don't have a snowballs chance in hell of pulling off a Bella engineering miracle.

Thanks for the advice.
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